But Why???

Why indeed.

But I’m sure by the time you take into account the time you spent driving there, the petrol you used getting there, the stress you experienced finding a car park, the extra twenty minutes you dallied there at the checkout if your checkout chick happened to be Bonita, the seventy year old charming checkout chick who likes to tell you a few stories of her youth while packing your groceries and the possible encounter you may have with the homeless man who collects cigarette butts and helps you to cross the road, who has for some inexplicable reason decided to bleach his hair a shocking shade of blonde after god knows how many years of happily having it a fairly normal shade of brown.

Well, I’m sure that’s all worth that 12 cents saving you’re going to make on that chook.

Well, ten cents really, seeing as how we don’t even have 2 cents anymore.


18 thoughts on “But Why???

  1. That banner is somewhat insulting: if they’d made the chicken a whole dollar cheaper, then woohoo, that’s something to crow about. But that’s the sort of thing my father and I squabble about. He’ll drive across town to fill up his car because this one station is selling gas for 3 cents cheaper per gallon. I’ve pointed out that by the time he’s reached the cheaper gas station, he’ll have burned up his savings and then some driving to and from. But he loves to boast that he’s saved a whole 36 cents filling up his tank.

    I got three candy bars for a buck at the pricier gas station near our house. That’s something to get excited about.

  2. But … if you saved 12 cents on dinner every day for a year you’d have a whopping … uh … nevermind. It only comes to $43.80, and that’s nothing to really “crow” about either.

    Get it? Chicken … crow …

    Hey, wait! I thought you called them CHOOKS!

    • You people, with your cheap chooks and bananas! I haven’t seen a bbq chook for that price for years, it’d be a quail or a pidgeon if it was that cheap.

  3. I find myself buying two of everything lately, because they are pricing it that way, yet I am shopping just as frequently. Less product choice, poorer quality, never sure if I am not being ripped off… it is a mine field in our supermarkets.

    • But at least bananas are down to $6.00 a kilo here now. Whooo hoo.

      I despise grocery shopping. I go with a list, we don’t eat packaged or frozen foods, I don’t even meat so I don’t buy it for anyone else either and our bill still seems enormous. And I read everything, what the best deal is per 100g or 100 mls. It’s so bloody time consuming and yes I wonder if I’m saving anything by doing it in the long run.

    • Well this lady, Bonita, loves to have a chat and tell a few jokes while she’s putting your groceries through. I never go to her if I have a lot of things or if I’m in a hurry. But she’s so sweet and it’s nice to talk to her when I have the time.

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