First beach day of spring

We’re finally getting some spring weather. Yesterday was glorious and it was my first trip to the beach since last summer. I didn’t swim mind you, water is still a bit cool for me and it was 5.30pm and a little breezy. There were a lot of people swimming though, just a lot of people out and about in general enjoying the afternoon.

We always have a look in the rockpools but they were empty yesterday, the tide was still rising.

(I don’t know why the photos look kind of blurry but if you click on them they clear up).

rock pools

This little kiddies pool is usually full. Full of water I mean, full of kids in summer. And it’s not really that little I guess. It’s a great spot for kids to swim though.

the kiddie pool

kiddies pool and newcastle beach

And Noah’s restaurant across the road has been there forever. I don’t think I’ve ever been there. it’s in a Motel and I always imagine it having a real seventies vibe like a lot of those Motel restaurants seem to have. Those apartments will cost you an arm and a leg to buy as well. I always think they’re ugly, but I guess you’d be spending your time in them looking out at the view so it wouldn’t matter.


I could live there pretty happily I think and spend my evenings looking out over the beach.

beach walkers

Newcastle Beach

late afternoon


18 thoughts on “First beach day of spring

  1. Happy spring! That’s so odd to say when we’re sliding into fall right now….but you paid your dues with your winter, so you deserve a day on the beach. I suppose you’re on break from school now?

    • Weird isn’t it. You all must be looking forward to some cooler weather and I can’t wait for the hot weather to arrive.

      I wish I was on a break. I’m right in the middle of second semester exams and assignments at the moment. We have our long school break here over summer. I finish on the 3rd December and go back first week of February. The University students are doing exams now then they have almost three months off.

  2. I love your pictures ! … especiallys this kind golden light on the sand and deep blue water …
    What a good idea the kiddies pool … We would do well to built the same in France … we have a lot of dangerous beach …
    I have to tell you that in Paris, today, we have our first cold, low and grey sky … Autumn is here … I’m looking for my wool socks and I wonder if I’m really obliged to hurt me with a jog ! šŸ™‚
    Thanks a lot for your nice spring day …

    • The kiddies pool is fantastic – we have a lot of dangerous beaches here. A lot of visitors come from overseas and don’t realise how dangerous it can be.

      I’m just about to go for a jog as well šŸ™‚

  3. Other than the day of photos (bees & pirates), I don’t think I made it to the beach this past summer. I definitely never got on the water, which is a bummer because it was one of my goals.

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