God Save the Queen

The Queen has touched down. That was the word on the news last night. She’s a hardy old girl isn’t she. I remember when she touched down in 1970. I was only six but those were the days when we used to sing God Save the Queen at school every morning while we stood and faced a picture of her on the wall. One group of lucky kiddies got to go on a long bus trip so they could stand on the side of a road in the middle of nowhere and wave and cheer as she drove by.

She touched down in the 1950’s as well, I think she was only 26 then. And of course Papa was there with his camera.


14 thoughts on “God Save the Queen

  1. I remember when she was here in 1988, we were ferried to the local football oval to watch her drive past in her car. I would have been about 6 as well, but I don’t think I had any idea who she was or what the fuss was about!

    • Lol – yeah the bicentennial visit. My daughter was born in 1988 and we got this certificate saying that she was a bicentennial baby. One of my TAFE teachers was telling me today that she was so excited when she heard that the queen was coming in the fifties that she swallowed a penny. She had it in her mouth rolling it about then someone said that the Queen was coming and she inhaled it straight down in her excitement.

  2. I admire her. Getting the “job” so young and then holding it through so many changes in society, and still being spry enough at her age to do all these tiring/boring events halfway around the world.

  3. One of my facebook friends… might have been AmyH (who no longer posts here)… saw President Obama today. He’s in LA, or was in LA, for some fundraising and an appearance on Jay Leno.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone interesting. I can’t imagine I’d be star struck by anyone. I was impressed when I saw this Australian singer once that I really liked because he was so tall, he never looked that tall on tv.

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