Vintage NRMA

The good old NRMA boys have saved my arse more than once. Thats the National Road’s and Motorists Association for those not in the know. You pay them a fee each year and they come out and get you back on the road when you break down, run out of petrol, lock your keys in the car, lock your kids in the car (Once, I only did it once, all the little buggers were strapped into their safety seats so tightly that none of them could reach the door lock).

When you live in a country town and drive a heap of shit car you get to know the NRMA guys pretty well. I used to drive this old 70’s holden station wagon and it would never start. In the end the NRMA guy showed me how to fix it so I could have a go and not have to wait for him to show up.

Anyway this is a very cool old photo of the NRMA that was found in Daz’s dads house. I’m guessing sixties. Love those shiny white overalls, his Mum obviously had some powerful bleach.

vintage NRMA


4 thoughts on “Vintage NRMA

  1. They’re called AAA here, and they are a lifesaver. Once for a flat tire, my friend had to call in. The responder was named Romeo and had the looks to match. We missed the event we were going to, but we did rather appreciate Romeo bending over and flexing his muscles.

  2. Those look like American vehicles in that photo. Can it be? Our neighbors had an old Chevy station wagon that looked just like the one to the right of the trucks.

    What LT said. You have to have a membership in Minnesota, land of the non-starting cars in subzero weather. I was tempted to drop it when I got my Toyota, but then there was the winter I spun out on an icy road and went into a ditch. A AAA tow truck got me out in 20 minutes.

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