Beware of the dog

Unless you’re a chook. They’re a bit far away sorry but I walked past this incredibly messy yard the other day and there was this big black dog and a chook just lying together on the grass. I stopped to take a photo (but I didn’t have my zoom with me) anyway they just sat there looking at me. Why doesn’t spellcheck like chook? What do you call a chook?



15 thoughts on “Beware of the dog

  1. My son would think that yard was a little bit of heaven with all those bicycles. Come to think of it, his house does resemble that, a bit, except the bicycles are all for tall young men. But you’d think they’d want people to come in and help them clean the place of all the junk. The dog might even welcome it.

    • The front yard was worse. ou couldn’t even see the front verandah it had so much stuff on it. Big items, furniture and bird cages and cots – I’d hate to live next door to them.

  2. Yep, chooks = chickens.

    I’m curious about the Homeland Security sign. Maybe there are booby-traps hidden in all that stuff! There are a lot of yards around here that look like that … such as the one next door …

    • And you can call your Mum an old chook without offending her. Sort of. That’s what we’d say about an old lady – Poor old chook or dear old chook or she was a nice old chook.

  3. I like the word chook instead of chicken. I vow to start using it more frequently in conversation and see how rapidly it expands into the local vernacular.

    • Yes, you must introduce as much Australian slang as possible into the American way. I mean what do you say when you’re calling your chooks in at night anyway. We stand out there and go – here chook, chook, chook, chook, chook. You have to say it really fast though.

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