I really hate packaging. And having had three kids I’ve added my share of it to landfill. And Barbie was definitely one of the worst. There’s a lot of packaging on one Barbie and it’s damn hard to get off as well. When your kids are little you sepnd a good half of the morning geting toys out of packaging. So I was pretty happy to see this campaign by greenpeace. And it’s working as well. Mattel are going to stop chopping down the Indonesian rainforests like they have been doing.

Go Ken


8 thoughts on “Packaging

  1. Packing frustrates me as well. My son turned two last week, which had me cringing at just how much packaging was involved in delivering that bag full of presents to him. Why does there need to be so much? Why isn’t a simple narrow tube adequate?

    I look forward to watching the video earlier.

    • Like memory cards – you buy this tiny little card and it comes in a massive hard plastic box. Even my toothbrush the other day required some serious effort to open.

  2. I remember, after every Christmas we hauled out two super-sized garbage bags filled unrecyclable packaging from all the toys and gadgets the kids received as gifts. It was disgusting, especially since I knew most of those toys would be either broken or tossed aside within the week. I asked my parents and in-laws to stop giving so much stuff, or at least find things that weren’t sealed in a hundred layers of plastic, but they acted like I had asked them to give the kids chunks of coal for Christmas. “What kind of mother hates Christmas?”

    I was relieved when my children finally outgrew Barbie, action figurines, and their assorted accessories. Of course, then we moved on to CDs, DVDs, video games and electronics, a whole new level of packaging. Not as massive, but finding the plastic casing to an XBox controller tossed in your front yard is just as irritating as the plastic casing from Barbie’s Playhouse.

    • It’s hard to escape packaging. What annoys me now is how fruit and vegetables seem to be appearing in a lot of packaging. Like lettuce leaves in bags – I hate those things.

  3. Ken will change his tune when Barbie starts going out with G.I. JOE … lol

    But you’re right. It’s ridiculous and a waste of resources. I’ve also heard that many people end up at the Emergency Room getting stitches because of the cuts the get trying to open those hard plastic “clamshell” things.

    • Haha – now that would be an interesting showdown, Ken and Joe.

      I can understand people ending up injured because I just about needed a stanley knife to get into my new toothbrush the other day.

  4. I was just discussing with a workmate the other day that there should be some kind of warehouse chain that sells everything with no packaging. Obviously some goods need to be packaged so they’re not damaged in transit, but surely they could take the packaging off before selling to the consumer, and re-use it for the next shipment?

    • Yes, I was thinking something like that for toys. The packaging should be recyclable and big stores like toys r us should have big bins past the checkouts and once you’ve bought something you can take it out of the packaging there and put it in to be recycled.

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