the possibly long wait

I had to buy a new lens cap for my camera as I’ve already managed to lose one. So I bought one on ebay because it was a helluva lot cheaper than anywhere else. But I had to laugh when they sent me this email saying that it had been shipped.

Hello, thank you for shopping with us, your item is already shipping. The time is possibly long, also possibly short. Usually between 7-215 business days.

I would have to consider 215 days impossibly long.


12 thoughts on “the possibly long wait

  1. 215 business days? that would end up being rather close to an entire year. (I can’t do that math) I hope you get it closer to the “7” end of the spectrum!
    “It’s already shipping, either by Fed Ex or carrier pigeon from Illinois.”

    • Thats what I always think if I buy or send anything to Perth. You know its going to be at least seven business days. I can get things faster from the US than I can from Perth. I always imagine some liitle postman on a pushbike riding across the Nullabor with the mail in a backpack.

  2. I always check the seller’s location before I put a bid on something at eBay. If they’re overseas, then sorry, it doesn’t matter how cheap the item is, I’m not going to wait three months for it to appear on my doorstep. I once bought a set of dolls (don’t ask) from a seller in Hong Kong, who was asking for half of what Amazon was charging. After waiting a month, it finally arrived—but it was the wrong set. So I shipped it back and waited, this time for two months. And then I found one doll was missing from the set, but there were two of another doll. After much complaining online, the seller sent me the missing doll and told me to keep the extra one. Another one month wait…but I figured after that I should have just bought the damned set at Amazon, which would have shipped it in a week. Patience is not my virtue anyway, but this tore whatever I had to shreds.

    • Lol, yes that would test my patience I think. I tend to want things right away, if they haven’t turned up within a week I don’t even want them anymore. Once we ordered a lounge then had to wait three months for it to arrive from who knows where. I couldn’t even remember what it looked like then, I was telling people it was blue and Daz would go, no its not, its red.

  3. As someone who ships a lot of International stuff, that representation is not far off. Some packages breeze right through, others seem to vanish in the postal system. I’ve had orders show up in Australia within four days and others take months. Mail gremlins delight in redirecting packages. On the site where I sell stuff, there are regular postings of postal nightmares, pictures of packages sent cross town going by way of Nigeria, Botswana and all points in between. Hopefully your package will be on the single digit side of things.

    • Lol – well I hope it manages to miss Nigeria, that seems like a long way out of the loop. I’m thinking it only cost me $6 including postage so if it doesn’t show up its no big loss.

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