a sunday in town

Took my new little camera into town last week.

We went in to have a look at Toranafest. I saw Torana’s in every colour you can imagine. Why doesn’t spellcheck like the word Torana? Don’t tell me you don’t have Torana’s!

They had the usual grid chicks there. This made me laugh. That’s what thirty years difference looks like.

And here’s Daz eating an egg and bacon roll in in his drive to end hunger tshirt.

We went for a walk up to Nobby’s lighthouse. They open it twice a month to the public or you can hire it for weddings and stuff.

On the way up we went past dog beach.

Where dogs go to play and swim.

And apparently people go to play and swim as well. LOLOL – yukko, can you imagine whats floating about in that water. I hope that at least they owned a dog.

Or maybe they’re crazy tourists who don’t realise that just around the corner there are miles and miles of beautiful dog free beaches.

And this is looking the other way back into town.

One day we’re going to catch the ferry over to Stockton and walk that walkway – it goes for miles. I know it looks like it just ends there near the grass but trust me. (You can see it behind the splashing dogs.)

So we walked back to the foreshore and had a snack and a beer.

These girls had a big day planned I think. It was only 11am and they’d already worked their way through a bottle of something pink, some beers and a jim beam and coke each.

But its a great place to sit and have a drink and watch the world go by. It’s a working harbour, in fact I think we’re the biggest coal exporting harbour in the world so there’s always something to look at. There are massive coal chips being taken  in and out by tugs, people fishing, speedboats racing around, the ferry going back and forth, always something going on.

And there’s a huge foreshore you can walk along or ride your bike on, you can fish, there are shops and bars and restaurants. It’s a pretty nice place. Until recently it was a steel city. BHP operated it’s steelworks here for over eighty years and they only closed down in 1999. It put a lot of people out of work and when you look over the harbour you see all the old sheds and factories still there. I don’t know what will happen there, I guess they’ll all be developed one day but they cover a massive area. At the moment one of the biggest employers here is the University. Once the steelworks closed the city had to find a new direction and I think we’re just hitting our straps now.


11 thoughts on “a sunday in town

  1. Never heard of a Torana. According to Wikipedia it was made by the Australian subsidiary of General Motors, Holden … so I’m guessing it was never sold here. It kind of looks like the old Nova or Chevelle models.

  2. I’ve never heard the phrase “grid chicks” before, but clearly some more research on my part is needed.

    And I love taking my dog to dog beach, but no — I won’t be swimming there!

    • Oh you know wherever there are cars and men there are girls in short skirts and tight tops – grid chicks.

      We can’t take our dog to the beach because she tries to attack every dog she sees (she only weighs 4 kilos) but I definitely wouldn’t be taking a dip with her if we could go.

  3. Hm, I’m going to argue that the Torana resembles the American Chevy Impala, or in the case of the purple car, the Chevy Barracuda. I come from a family of gearheads, so I think I can speak with a little authority about that. Or not.

    But honestly, is the sea really so blue out where you are? In northern California, the ocean tends to be on the green-grey side. And that reminds me, I must find a seaside cafe and have lunch with a glass of white wine before the summer is really over out here. We’re a bit lucky in that we’ll have summer weather until mid-October, and then comes the deluge. No more dining al fresco after that. *sigh*

    • Well I haven’t altered the photos in any way. I was thinking when I was looking at the photos that my camera does seem to love the blue hues. It was really a glorious day though, the sky and the water was really blue. But I’d have to say that yeah, it’s normally pretty blue. If the weather has been really bad and it’s been stirred up it looks a bit dirty but overall it’s lovely. We’re lucky here that our town is very under rated. For some reason people don’t see it as a tourist town, maybe because people still think of it as a coal and steel town. We don’t have a lot of big developments or Motels along the water pumping shit into it. Lol, literally. We get to have the place all to ourselves.

    • Thanks – nothing makes me as happy as a new gadget. My son is already looking forward to a couple of years down the track when I get a new one and he gets this one.

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