Aussie chicks rock

My new crush – Lanie Lane. Just another talented aussie chick.

But why stop there! Why not get her together with another talented aussie chick, the gorgeous Clare Bowditch.

Is there no end to us.


10 thoughts on “Aussie chicks rock

  1. I hadn’t heard of her. I’ve heard Clare Bowditch, she came up a lot on my when I was listening to Darren Hanlon on there.
    Lainie and Clare sound great together. Great song, now I have another Aussie to check out. Thanks! I also really like the 1st song too!

    • Lanie Lane is all over everything here at the moment. She’s brand spankin’ new – doesn’t look very old either. She recorded that first song with Jack White for a blue’s series he’s doing. I’m not a huge Clare Bowditch fan, a lot of her stuff sounds the same but this one is more zippy than her usual.

    • No she’s pretty mellow. Her mother, Margaret Throsby is a radio presenter over here and she just has the best voice I’ve ever heard. I’ve never heard her sing mind you but you could listen to her talk all day. Holly Throsby has a side act going on called Seeker Lover Kepper with two other female aussie singers.

  2. I’m so glad I went back through the post from the last couple of weeks. Love the Lanie Lane song!

    I was reminded a little of the cover of Walking after Midnightby Girl in a Coma. The lead singer, Nina Diaz, has a similar appearance to Lanie Lane in that video. Not rocking Aussie chicks, but a rocking chicks nonetheless.

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