new camera

I bought a new camera last week. I got myself a new Olympus pen ep 3. It’s a pretty cool little camera.

I’ve never really wanted a dslr camera. I’ve always liked the idea of having one but two things put me off them. The cost for one. I know you can buy entry level ones pretty cheaply now but once you start adding in a few lenses it adds up. The main reason I didn’t want one though was because of the size. I like to have a camera with me all the time so I like something that I can put in my handbag. I’m not going to tote around a camera bag with a whole lot of equipment in it. I have friends who have dslr’s and they never have the bloody things with them.

So my new beautiful little Pen is a fairly new breed of camera called an Interchangeable Lens camera,  its a micro four thirds syystem. They don’t have the mirror like a dslr so the body can be a lot smaller. But you can put different lenses on them. And the auto focus on them is freakishly fast. Another thing thats pretty cool about it is that you can just tap the screen on the back to take a photo – you don’t have to use the shutter button. Just tap and snap. Actually not having a viewfinder is probably the only thing about it that bothers me but you can buy one and attach it if you want and the screen is huge and clear anyway.

And they have a nice retro look to them. In fact I remembered on the weekend that my very first camera was an Olympus pen as well. That was back in the 70’s and as you can see they haven’t changed much.

Stay tuned for photos.


17 thoughts on “new camera

  1. My first camera was also an Olympus pen! The problem was that no one taught me how to use it, so for a while I got the most awful photos. Later I got a Kodak Instamatic, a point and shoot camera, and I got terrific photos out of it. But keep us updated on your experience with this new Olympus. I don’t want a DSLR camera because they’re too big to haul around in your average purse, but I wish sometimes I had something a bit more powerful and with a better zoom.

    • These are perfect. I think all up there are 35 different lens you can put on them, some need a converter. I bought the twin lens kit and then bought another which I think I’ll use most of the time. Olympus are saying it has the fastest auto zoom of all cameras out at the moment and it is super quick. And the clarity of photos is amazing. I took a photo of my daughter and when I looked at it on the computer you can see every hair on her face and every bit of glitter of her makeup. Not that she has an incredibly hairy face or anything. It’s small enough to hold with one hand and to have on you all the time. I’ll get out and take some photos this weekend.

  2. I may be wrong, but I thought I read somewhere Kodak (or perhaps Fuji) said it would discontinue producing traditional roll film. And come to thnk of it, I wonder just how hard it is now to find a place which will develop and print roll film.

    I too am waiting for prices to go down. We have 3 different Nikon lens which were were told can be used on dsrl cameras.

    • Really, wow – that would be a nice little freebie because they’re not cheap. Yes mine has the art filter which is pretty cool – there is a black and white and a sort of grungy one that I like bt I haven’t played about with it much yet.

      Didn’t you just get a new camera?

      • Yeah, I bought a used Nikon D90 from a coworker. Like your friends, it’s just too expensive and big to carry around most of the time.

        I was soooo envious when I saw how expensive the give-away was. Everyone on the flight got one. Here’s the site they set up for people to load their samples… I found the Art shots in the Gallery:

  3. I noticed this retro look in some other cameras too, I am peeping at some new cameras. I’m just like you, I’d like some better zoom quality in a camera but I am not willing to give up the pocket size. I had an SLR back in the day and it was like bringing a baby everywhere only without changing poopy diapers. I love my little Fuji Finepix F30 but it’s getting on in years and I wish for a little more zoom so I’ve been checking out new ones. the Fuji that looks retro like this is like $1300-1500!!!! I won’t be getting that and I won’t be pulling the trigger on any new camera yet unless (god forbid) something happens to my current camera. I don’t need it and I certainly haven’t had much to take pictures of lately so I guess I’ll see if the price goes down. (currently around $250)
    ANYway….this looks great. Have fun with it, and I look forward to seeing your photos!

    • I’ve been using a fuji finepix as well but I gave it to Daz to take overseas when he went so I decided I’d upgrade. I had a powershot as well but even it was too bulky. This little pen is so light and small, it easily fits in your bag (depending on what lens you have attached to it though). It was $940.00 and came with two lenses. This is the latest model they have pen 1,2 and 3 and there is a lite 3 which is a fair bit cheaper but I’m not sure what features it doesn’t have. I don’t think it has a flash built in. Sony make a similar camera, so do Panasonic.

  4. Great ! … I wish you thousands of beautiful pictures ! …
    The nose of you doggy, your kind family, the sand and waves on the beach … flowers along the road … trash pictures for the fun …
    I wish to your new camera, a long life of pictures hunter ! …
    Have a nice day

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