Papa’s Slidebox

I’m trying to do more things that I like doing. Since I started studying eight months ago it seems that I don’t have, or make the time to do anything but go to school and do assignments. I spent all day today working on an assignment. All day Saturday that is. So I have decided that from now on Sundays will be all mine. I will not do or think about school on Sundays. Saturdays, well I’ll think about that one. I think once beach weather arrives I’ll only do school work until lunch time then it’s my time. In the past eight months I haven’t had time to even look at one of Papa’s photos let alone do anything with one. And I miss doing things I like. My running has really taken a back seat and I don’t like it. I’m getting fat and lazy from sitting in a classroom for six hours a day. And then when I get bored in the classroom I wander about the canteen and eat things I don’t even want.  And of course it’s been winter as well so I haven’t really felt like getting up at 5am to go for a run. But as they say – plenty of excuses but no good reason. So I’m really going to get my shit together and start doing some things that I like doing otherwise I’m going to start hating school because I’ll think that it’s stopping me from doing things I like doing when its really just me stopping me from doing things I like and then making excuses for not doing them. If you know what I mean.

So to the start of my new finding time for me era, here are some of papa’s slides from their trip to Ireland in 1957.

I love this one. The little girls running in their caps. I bet it’s bloody freezing even though they make it look like a summers day.

I can see myself living here. I don’t need much around me.

This is Papa here – camera in his hand as usual.


20 thoughts on “Papa’s Slidebox

  1. I’m very in late to leave comments on your blog … To come back from sportive holidays is not a light matter … But all is OK now. Here I am.
    I love your Papa’s slides … Colours became very soft …
    Your Dad looks like mine … very well dressed, even during holidays … even in the morning, when they wake up, they look fresh and well shaven …
    Have a nice day

  2. I gained 10 pounds while I was in graduate school, lol. All that sitting and reading and studying might be good for your grades, but it does nothing for your waist and hips. When I was done, I promised I would start working out again, but I’ve only managed to lose five pounds since then. I think my body likes the extra padding around the hips, though I don’t.

    I love that last photo of your father standing next to the carriage horse. Is that also in Ireland?

    • Yes, its in Kill which is pronounced an chill (I think) which means church which is in Ireland. I only just worked that out. He had written – self-kill – on the slide and I just realised it meant a photo of himself at Kill. lol.

      I plan on getting my fat TAFE arse up and exercising again now that the weather is warming up.

  3. I hope you can make the time to do things you enjoy! That is important. I love the pictures you posted. So old-fashioned. The bathing suit and bathing cap one is cute! I hope the coming week of school is a good one and that you get a break from your studies as well!

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