19 today

When it comes to kids you can be sure of one thing, they just keep getting older. Today my baby Lizzie turned 19.

We went to a Pub for lunch and it was a bit different than the norm because it had a library in it which was kind of nice. I think I’ll give them some of those books I’ve been meaning to get rid of.

It’s going to take some elbow grease to clean up that table under the candelabrum though.


15 thoughts on “19 today

  1. Your children are all adopted, right? Because you cannot possibly be old enough to have a youngest at 19. (Yeah, that doesn’t sound sincere to me either). Congrats to her.

    And how interesting to find that in addition to adding “u” in certain words, Australians also drop the “e” off of others! lol

    • Haha – well it doesn’t sound like you thats for sure!

      I think that e had something to do with two little boys who were in there – I can still see the wet fingernail smudge.

    • It is a nice pub – and it’s huge. It has all these little twists and turns. It’s two storey and has a huge balcony all the way around. It’s in a tiny town which is a shame, it’d be nice if it was on the beach or a river.

  2. Your daughter is beautiful!! I love the place that you celebrated. What a wonderful idea, to have books. I love the atmosphere. Lizzie’s cake/dessert looks so delicious too.

    • Yeah, she’s okay I suppose 🙂 It was nice the little book room, something a bit different. Good for kids who get bored sitting around while the adults eat and drink.

  3. Happy birthday to Lizzie! All I can remember of 19 is that I was in my freshman year of college and feeling overwhelmed. Hence my advice to most 19-year-olds is don’t rush it, there will be lots of time for work and making money: but you will only be young for so long, so enjoy it to the fullest!

    My OCD itches when I look at that table covered in candle wax. I want to grab a scraper, a clothes iron and bunch of paper towels and peel the wax off of that sucker.

  4. Happy birthday Lizzie! Dear god, I remember when you were posting pics of her as a wee 14 year old. Surely we’re not aging at the same rate? Right?!

    I’ve said it before, but you really have a gorgeous brood.

    • Definitely not ageing at the same rate because that would make me middle age which I’m fairly definitely not at all.
      They are lovely aren’t they. And large. When I see them together it always surprises me to think that I grew them inside me.

  5. Your family is beautiful! Happy Birthday to Lizzie! Daz is home. Tell us what he said about his travels across the U.S. What did he like the most? What didn’t he like? Does he want to come back and bring you along? I’d like to know what his impressions were of the whole experience.

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