the traveller

So in between all the business with my father and my school work and assignments and my job and my kids and just trying to have a life amongst it all I forgot to mention that Daz is in the USA!! He went last Tuesday so he’s been there what, five or six days.

He went to watch Sprintcar racing and NASCAR racing. Neither of which are well known here in Australia, or in fact known at all. In fact he is a bit of an enigma here when it comes to those two subjects. But what do I know? Maybe no one over there gives a rats arse about the Knoxville Nationals either.

But Daz loves all that stuff. When he was a kid he  lived across the road from the Braziers who are big in the sprintcar world. He was friends with the older brother Steve who raced sprintcars but he was killed in an accident when they were still teenagers. His younger brother Gary started racing and was really good at it but as with all those quirky sort of sports here in Australia that aren’t cricket, football or swimming, if you’re good at them you have to go overseas to pursue them.

So I believe the Nationals are over today and after that he heads to Detroit for some sort of NASCAR race. Where another Australian, Marcus Ambrose, will be in action.

Oh, something I just remembered. Remember the house of horrors? When daz’s father died and left the hoarders house to the kids to sort out? Well thats only just being finished up now, after about six months. But anyway one thing they did find there was a huge Australian flag, so Daz as taken that with him and is going to fly it at the NASCAR’s.

So if you watch it, and you see it, thats him.

I’ve no idea where he is at the moment. Heading to Chicago I think. He went with a friend, they’re in an RV, hopefully on the right side of the road. He does send messages but they’re all usually about Chevs, how many there are, how nice they are, how cheap they are.

This is the map he left me. So he’s somewhere along that line. I’m presuming the arrows come back in a return direction.


18 thoughts on “the traveller

  1. Ooh, that sounds like fun…except for the part about driving across the country, watching race cars go around in circles, and stopping in Des Moines and Detroit, of course.

      • There may be duller parts of the US to travel through, but I’d be hard pressed to think of them. Wouldn’t go to Detroit if you paid me, and Iowa is stunningly dull.

        Still, going across the Rockies in summer is the most beautiful thing possible, so at least he had that.

  2. My father loves watching NASCAR racing, so I’ll keep an eye out for an Australian flag. The commentators on Fox Sports will probably be utterly baffled, however. “There aren’t any Australian drivers on the roster, are there, Dick?”

    But beee very careful when a man starts saying something is wonderfully cheap out there and how nice-looking it is. That’s usually a huge hint that he wants to buy it. My husband tried to do that with a ’66 BMW that was for sale in Denver, and I put my foot down immediately. He’d just drained our savings to buy himself a brand-new car, which turned out to be a lemon. I asked him if he wanted to be a free-spirited bachelor, go ahead and buy that Beamer, but I’d get a divorce attorney that would make it impossible for him to afford it.

    • Nah, they’ll know him, he goes hard. He’s only been at it for a couple of years and he’s been top 10 and top 5.

      Daz already has a chevy. Some big blue truck that all boys regardless of age seem to love. They cost about $50,000 over here but he said he saw one over there for under $10,000. He’s already had the lemon a few years ago which was a holden SS ute, man was it a load of crap.

  3. The Midwest in a record-heat summer… ugh! But I’m sure he and a few hundred thousand of his closest friends will enjoy the NASCAR.

    We do have many fine automobiles here, that’s for sure. But he cannot buy a stock car, even if it’s a Chevy. Too fast, and don’t you lot drive on the wrong side of the road?

    • We have been having one of our coldest wettest winters on record here so he’s probably glad to see some sun.

      I hope he’s driving on the right side of the road at the moment!

  4. Happy for you all earing that Daz escaped and is enjoying a great travel with friends as a young man !… Last seven months have been heavy for him … No ?

    I love Buffy ! …How I’d feel better if I were able, as she is, to beat up and break the mouth of all the zombies I do not like ! …

    Have a nice day

    • And he’s making changes to it as he goes. Sent me a message saying he wasn’t going to Chicago anymore he was going to Indianapolis instead. I’m not going to be very helpful if he goes missing and they want to know where he’s been.

  5. Wow…he’s certainly getting so see a lot of the country! When I was a teen my folks and I went by train to visit my sister (from our state of Pennsylvania to California). It really gave me an appreciation for what is out there when I could see the country fly by the window hour after hour. I hope he is having a fantastic time!

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