happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to my sister Emjay. I think you all know her.

Emjay and I have always probably been the closest of the siblings.  Lol, well I think we have been anyway. Not when I was little mind you. Then I was just a pain in the arse who wanted to hang around with them and they’d all be going – Muuuum, tell Jane to go away.  Emjay is the oldest, then there is our sister Min, our brother Greg, then myself. There was a bit of a wait for me. Mum had those three in four years and then there was a four year break before I turned up. So there is a seven year gap between Emjay and myself and maybe thats why it works.

By the time I was eleven she’d more or less left home. She’d travelled overseas to visit our grandmother, Dodo, and then she moved to Sydney to go to University. I used to write her these really long letters, pages and pages of them. God knows what I wrote about because I was an eleven year old girl living on a farm in the middle of nowhere. But I’ve never been short of something to say.

So that’s why you won’t see me in any of the following photo’s. I either wasn’t born yet or I was locked away in a box somewhere.

A Brief History of Emjay (in no particular order)

Here is Emjay standing with our mother who is holding our sister in front of our house. Mum tells me that was probably a rabbit or a kitten in the basket. If it had the misfortune to be a rabbit they probably ate it later on. But I’m sure it was a kitten.

Oh I love this photo so much. Every time I look at it I just love them all to pieces. Aren’t they cute? Even though Emjay does look slightly malnourished. Seriously you cannot believe how much she looks like her son here at the same age. And look at my brother – a RANGA! He’s the only ranga in the family. (Spell check is not loving ranga so I guess you call your redheads something else.)

Lol, oh my. Here we have my sisters at the beach. In their pyjamas by the look of it. But they’re having fun so that’s the main thing. Good lord we really were the country kids go to the big city. Our father came to Australia from a small island that was surrounded by water. When he arrived in Australia he moved to an area that was a long way from water. I think he missed it a lot. So every boxing day we would pack up the car and head to Sydney and the beach. And it didn’t matter if it was freezing cold, we would be at that damn beach. And he would be that person who was always the furthest out in the water, just a head bobbing about in the water. And we’d play on the beach – maybe in his pyjamas by the look of it.

And here is Emjay with her good friend Melissa. They are still friends now. Our mums have been great friends for many years. They had a lot of dinner parties at each others places. Mum and Dad would lay down the back seat of our station wagon and set the back up with blankets and we were supposed to go to sleep out there but there was always a lot of tom foolery going on. Dad made that swing set. We had a lot of fun on it. We used to try to swing hard enough so that the front and then back would lift off the ground. It was the sign of a good swinger.

This is a nice shot. Except for my mother stalking them in the window.

Here is Emjay with our brother, doing a bit of painting wearing funny caps. That was our doberman Portia, she was lovely.

More fun at the beach. And I made it into one of these.

More fun on the swings but with matching dresses and maybe a new doll. I don’t think any of us were really doll girls. I think we had dolls but didn’t really play with dolls. But I remember this doll. I remember her because for some reason one night she spent the night in my room and sat in my purple chair. And I woke up through the night and looked over at her and there was this massive green frog sitting right in the middle of her head.

I’m always thankful when I look at these photos that my mother considered four to five years too long to hang on to clothes for hand me downs. Otherwise I would have had the same outfit for two seasons.

More too much cuteness. Adorable. That swimming suit certainly grew with her.

And another favourite of mine. This was a camping expedition for Emjay and one of her friends. Another long time family friend. She looks like she has a lot of mischief planned.

So happy birthday to my sister.

We’ve had some shitty times here recently and I know she worries because she’s way over there on the other side of the world and she’s the oldest so she’s like a massive control freak and thinks she’s the only one who can boss people around properly but we have it in control Emjay.

Just chillax and have a happy birthday.


17 thoughts on “happy birthday to you

  1. And Happy Birthday from me to Emjay also. Thanks for these Jane. You look as though you all had a happy childhood. Happy memories indeed.

  2. And here I was thinking you’d forgotten because the only email I got from you was asking me to buy you shoes – and not just one pair! LOL – 🙂 Thank you for this post – it made me smile! I still have that doll though her eyes are scary now – she didn’t get much use so she’s in pretty good condition – I only had her and an Emma Peel doll (which I really wish I still had). I wonder if I ever had a nice pair of swimmers! That’s a nice shot of Stewart and I but whenever I see childhood photos I’m always amazed at the mess mum used to make of the front of my hair!!

  3. Aww, all of you are so cute! I’m glad you found these old photos. For some reason my mother loved taking slides, and they’re hard as heck to put online. Happy birthday to Emjay (again—I’m sure she’s hosting her party by now).

    Emjay had an Emma Peel doll? I loved The Avengers, even after Diana Rigg left the show!

  4. Well … This makes le remember the song “My childhood” by Barbara :

    “I was wrong to come back
    In this city far from lost
    Where I spent my childhood.
    I was wrong, I wanted to see
    The hill where was the evening gliding
    Blue and gray were the shades of silence.
    And I found, as before,
    Long time after,
    The hill, the tree standing,
    As to the past.
    I walk the temples burning
    Believing choke under my feet,
    The voices of the past that haunt us
    And return the death knell.
    And I’m lying under the tree
    And it was the same smell.
    And I let my tears flow,
    My tears.
    (…) Before the night does arise
    I wanted to see
    The house in the roses bloom,
    I wanted to see
    The garden where our children’s cries
    Sprang clear as the source.
    Jean-Claude, Regine, and then Jean –
    Everything became like yesterday –
    The heavy scent of sage red
    Dahlias deer in the driveway,
    Well, everything, everything I found.
    How I suffer to be returned –
    (…) Why did I come here
    Where my past crucify me ?
    My childhood is for ever sleeping.”

  5. extra random comment: yours is one of the sites I check virtually every night. ever time I see the title of this post, I sing it in my head like a parrot… “happy birthday to yououououoouuu” (it makes sense based on a Saturday Night Live skit that was repeated last Saturday (it is really REALLY stupid but makes me laugh: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnuaoKgFiYc)

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