cleaning up

I’ve always admired those people who have an organised pantry. I’ve never been one of them myself but I didn’t see why I couldn’t become one. I was inspired by my friend Catherine’s mother. When I saw her pantry I knew that I could live in there forever with just a small camp bed and a water supply.

So I don’t have a pantry, I have a drawer. It’s a pull out drawer and I knew that it needed tupperware containers. Because every organised pantry has containers. Like the rice for instance, it’s all in one container and it probably has a label on it. Saying RICE. Same goes for pasta and flour and sugar and whatever else there might be.

I don’t usually work that way. I usually have about four packets of rice in my pantry, each with about one half of a cup of rice in it. Ditto for pasta, flour, sugar and whatever.

See it’s always such a mess in there that I read a recipe that says I need one quarter of a cup of whatever and I open the drawer and have look in there and go, hmmmmm, no I don’t have any of that and so I go off and buy a new bag of it and six months down the track well whaddaya know I’ve got a shitload of the stuff but in teeny weeny amounts in about ten bags.

So this is my pantry/drawer at the moment. I can’t guarantee that it will stay this way.

And these are all the half empty, almost empty and empty but for a grain packets that I took out of that little sliding drawer. No wonder it was so heavy to pull open.



12 thoughts on “cleaning up

  1. I love your first pictures : your drawer looks like Ali Baba’s paradise with a lot of things to eat ! …
    The last one is very sad … what happened ? Is there Oslo or Beyrouth ? …

    • I’m glad I only have that small slide out pantry because if I had more space I’d just fill it with rubbish as well. I’m good at that, I can fill any space available with a lot of not very important things.

  2. Whoa, you’ve only lived there a year, not even, right? And tell me you aren’t the kind of person who saves a huge box of crackers with only one or two crackers left at the bottom! I just cleaned my parents’ fridge, which was filled with these containers that had maybe two olives, or a single pickle, or a smidge of ketchup at the bottom. They were convinced that they might need these items someday, but most of them were green and fuzzy. Oh the humanity.

    • Errr, yes six months in fact. We don’t buy biscuits but I’m pretty sure if we did they’d be gone quick smart and none would get the chance to sit in the bottom of a box. We only buy rice crackers every now and then and when we do we share them out as soon as we open the pack lol. We do get the tomato sauce thing happening though because no one wants to use that last bit in the bottle, they always open a new one – like the toothpaste, no one wants to squeeze out that last bit. My problem is not checking properly that we have things before I go shopping and then buying more, just in case. And of course my problem is that I’m very messy and just shove things in anywhere rather than organising them. But I’m not doing that any more, no way.

  3. I don’t think I could survive with such a tiny pantry! Although it would encourage you (well, me) to throw those packets of pasta that have a handful left in them but I never end up using. At least in yours you can see everything!

    • Well you can see everything now, you could see bugger all when I had all those packets shoved in there. It’s not big enough at all, but you can stuff a surprising amount of crap in there. Of course you never see whats at the bottom though. I have to store things in the fridge that you normally wouldn’t, it’s starting to look a bit of a mess as well.

    • Thats my next plan. Thats a joke as well. Although I’d like to be that organised. Possible only if you live on your own I think, or with a control freak.

  4. You are an industrious overachiever! Congratulations on your pantry. What are you going to do about that countertop, though… 😉

    I cleaned out the refrigerator about two weeks ago, possibly for the first time since we bought it. Oh, the science projects! But I took a photo of it after because it looked like it came out of a magazine with plastic food in it. Just so I can look back and remember the one time it was clean.

  5. Is this some sort of message from the omnipresent or something? I am long past overdue to cleaning my pantry, and being Sunday, I was debating if I should clean or do something more interesting, like…blog hop.
    Sigh !

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