a letter to Sofia from Sailor Babo

 Dear Sofia,

I know you were worried about me when you had to pack me up in my box and send me away so I thought I’d write you a letter to let you know that I am safe and sound and made it to Jane’s house today.

My trip was sometimes perilous but always exciting and I have already had some great adventures to tell you about.

 After you packed me in my box I went to the Post Office and then I went on a night time train ride to Newcastle. I could tell it was cold frozen outside but I was snug as a bug in my sturdy little box and I think I must have slept most of the way. When we stopped at Newcastle I went to another Post Office and then they put me in a truck and I travelled for many miles and I’m not sure where I ended up but it was another Post Office somewhere. At this Post office the ladies put me in a pile with all Jane’s other mail and I got to go for a ride on a motorbike which was quite thrilling. I’d like to do that again sometime. The motorbike man left me at Lizzie’s house. (Lizzie is Jane’s little girl) and then Daz came and picked me up and I travelled in his big ute back to Newcastle where Jane was.

It was a very busy couple of days Sofia with much travelling and I was very tired by this time.

 Then I was sitting in my box on the kitchen table and I heard Jane come home and she went – OH LOOK!! Salior Babo is here and she sounded very excited to see me which made me happy.

 After Jane took me out of the box she took me over to meet her dog Betty. Betty is a very old lady but she is very kind and gentle and she said – pleased to meet you Babo.

 Jane thought I might be needing a rest so she took me up to her bedroom and I had a lie down with Teddy and we all watched Masterchef. Teddy seems like a nice fellow as well. He told me he had to go through the washing machine last week. I’m going to try and stay squeaky clean because I don’t want to go through the washing machine.

 Then Teddy’s owner Chicken Little came in and jumped up on the bed and oh boy wasn’t she surprised to see me lying in bed with Teddy. She just sat there staring at me for a long time and it was getting kind of awkward but then she came up and gave me a big razzle dazzle hello sailor welcome. Jane said that it’s lucky that Chicken Little loves her toys and is very gentle with them because she seems to have her eye on me. I think we are going to have some interesting times together.


When Jane had to leave the room she took me over to her bedside table and introduced me to Dockyard Dame and said I should sit with her for a while. Well Sofia I have to say that when I first saw Dockyard Dame I was a bit scared of her because she looks very tough but she turned out to be a very friendly girl indeed and she said that she’d look after me and show me the ropes. And I told her that I already know a lot about ropes because I’m a Sailor after all.

 And Sofia I was so glad that you packed those biscuits for me because I was starving by then. I sat on Dockyard Dames lap and ate one biscuit and I asked her if she wanted some but she said no that I should have all of it because I must be very hungry. Anyway I don’t think she eats much because it looks like her mouth is sewn up, I think she must have had some dental surgery done recently, she must just drink milkshakes through a straw when she’s hungry.

 I gave Chicken Little a half of a biscuit because she looked like she was hungry as well and she enjoyed it very much. She enjoyed it so much that she tried to climb over onto the bedside table where we were sitting because she must have thought I had a secret stash of biscuits hidden somewhere.

 Then Jane came back and said it was bedtime for everyone. Chicken Little sleeps in a t shirt. She crawls into it like its a tunnel. It made me laugh. Teddy asked me if I wanted to sleep in there as well but I didn’t because I thought Chicken Little might try to razzle dazzle me again and I was feeling too tired for fun and games.

So now it’s time to brush my teeth and go to sleep. So thank you Sofia for looking after me so well while I stayed with you. I had a lot of adventures and exciting times with you and your family and I hope to have just as many adventures with Betty and Teddy and Chicken Little and whoever else I might meet on my travels. You were the first person I met in Australia and you made it very special for me.

 Goodnight and sweet dreams Sofia.

 Love from Sailor Babo.

And for everyone else if you want to keep up to date with Sailor Babo’s exciting times in Newcastle Australia from now on you need to add his site to your feed.



16 thoughts on “a letter to Sofia from Sailor Babo

  1. O Sailor Babo, you are a so good guy ! … Your letter gives me tears in the eyes. I hope you’ll come back and see your friends : Little Chicken – lovely Little but why does she have so big teeth ! … – Sofia, and Teddy ! …

  2. Thanks, Jane. I will definitely read this to her tomorrow. I had better have some time because there will be loads of questions 🙂 glad he made it to you. Have fun with him. I am on the hunt now for a Sailor Babo for Sofia to keep.

    • That was so funny. It was like she couldn’t believe her eyeballs!! She sat there for ages just looking before she went in for the swoop.

  3. Jane, we read the story two times today and she keeps asking for more. She seems quite taken with the dogs and the shirt the dog sleeps in. She wants Sailor Babo to stay with Chicken Little. In fact, she wants to come to your house and see Chicken Little and Betty. She seemed a bit confused at first why she was seeing the biscuits on Mummy’s computer and how he got to your house after we brought him to the post office.

    Sofia says, “thanks for coming here, Sailor Babo. I had a fun time with you. Behave, don’t run away, and watch out for the dogs and the dog poop.”


  4. My Sailor Babo wants me to tell Oz Babo that bananas are 37 cents a pound here. He says “Your example has made LT very frugal with her bananas. None of them get thrown out! I see LT eating the mushy ones with her yogurt.”

    • Lol, well I’m glad to hear it. I can’t believe how many bananas I’ve thrown away over the years. It’s pretty funny doing the grocery shopping and seeing everyone looking at the bananas deciding if they can afford one or two. I haven’t seen anyone buy more than two bananas at the one time for months and months. Aussie Babo will not be eating many bananas!

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