not pesto

This is not pesto.

What it is, is the reason you should wear glasses if you’re the kind of person who goes to the fridge at night and eats pesto straight from the jar with a spoon.


19 thoughts on “not pesto

  1. Yargh. My eyes are so bad I’ve stopped trying to find stuff in the kitchen at night, for fear I’ll have an accident like yours. A while back I grabbed what I thought was a bottle of beer, but it turned out to be soy sauce. And the scary thing is it took me a couple of gulps before I realized my mistake.

    • Lolol – that made me laugh out loud. Yuk! My daughter did something like that one day when she was younger after a hot walk home from school. She chugged down a can of gin and tonic thinking it was lemon squash. Spent the rest of the afternoon asleep on the lounge.

      • My younger sister once chugged a cup of vinegar, thinking it was water, and only found out because my mother asked where the vinegar had gone. Mind over matter. But my questions remain: (1) Why had my mother put the vinegar in a coffee cup then just left it sitting out for hours? (2) Why did my sister see a random coffee cup of “water” on a countertop and decide to drink it?

    • No! I didn’t have the spoonful, I knew as soon as it hit the roof of my mouth that something was not right. Glad it wasn’t hot english.

    • Not the midnight feast I was after. Someone ate my pesto which is what tricked me. I just went to where it is meant to be sitting.

      It’s a new template they put up yesterday. I like it as well because even though it is freezing here and disgustingly windy I sense spring in the cool air so I was feeling all fresh and light.

    • Not water, food – something to replace the taste. What would have really been nice was the pesto that someone had eaten. They all denied it the next day of course.

  2. Hmm… I think I would have enjoyed it. But when I go for things in the dark, they are usually in cookie form. I do remember when I was a little kid thinking beef boullion cubes were chocolate. That didn’t end well.

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