my favourite things

I’m loving these little Polaroid look picture frames that I bought on Saturday. In fact I went back today and bought another set in white.

I filled them with my favourite peeps. I love that one of Lloyd with the little cubs in Africa, such a nice shot. And look at my girls, they’re so gorgeous.

Although I need to get a cloth and give them a wipe. Looking at them here I can see all my fingerprints on them.


11 thoughts on “my favourite things

  1. Where did you get those? They’re darling! And I bet they don’t fade like real Polaroids. The ones I took back in the 80s are beginning to look like overexposed photos, all flash and no color. 😦

      • AAAGH! Must…stop…buying…stuff….

        The white ones are even cuter than the black ones. I’m also going to send the link to my younger daughter. The strap broke on her camera case and she’s been shopping for a new one. They have a really cute SLR bag there. But thank you cranky!

        • The white ones are nice, I’m going to mix them with the black. I have a strip of wall between my door and a beam thing that would look good filled with them. I think they had blue in the store as well. And in the photojojo store I noticed it says they stick to the wall by tack but mine have double sided tape. The frame snaps into a little round button then you stick the tape to that.

          One thing I noticed at the shops yesterday – there is definitely not a shortage of stuff out there to throw your money at.

      • Oh wow – great little store. They have lenses and filters for your iphone camera! Prices seem pretty reasonable as well. The frames were cheaper but by the time you add postage to Australia they were the same price. I’m sure I need a fish eye lens for my iphone though.

        • The little stick on lenses don’t stick. They suck but they don’t stick. Major disappointment. (I think there are some different types I got the pack of 3, fisheye, multiple image and starburst, got one pack for me and one for Dora, total waste of money)

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