the shit in the second drawer

I’m really glad I bought one of those divider things for my second kitchen drawer.

As you can see it’s really working out well for me.


19 thoughts on “the shit in the second drawer

    • Yeah, and you only ever use the same two or three things from it. But I’m never game to throw the other shit away because one day it might be just what I need.

        • Lol, well you always seem to be thinking about buying a gadget of some sort. About four months ago I gave away my juicer my breadmaker and my rice cooker and I haven’t missed them yet so Maybe I’ll toss something away from the drawer every week. (I gave them to the local school for their hospitality students(.

          • yes, I compulsively buy things. don’t use all of ’em – just “have” to own them, then my “need” is satisfied.

            I think my breadmaker & steamer can both go to charity. I have several coffee makers that could go too – but my coffee addiction prevents me from donating them, even though I rarely make coffee at home.

    • It’s the blender half of my hand held blender. I must keep the motor part in a different drawer. Daz ususally puts it up in the cupboard. I can rarely find it when I want to whizz soup.

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