cooking with kindle

I love my kindle. I say love because I can’t think of the word I want to use. I don’t love love it, not like I love my kids or avocado or sweet potato. Lol, that sounds bad doesn’t it because I do love my kids much more than I love avocado. Well it’s a different kind of love. Like I mean I wouldn’t eat my kids, not unless we were in a plane crash and I was in danger of starving to death anyway. I wonder how they’d taste with avocado. Hmmmmm.

Anyway, back to my kindle and the benefits of it. I am a reader. I own thousands of books and have begged and borrowed many more. I love holding a new book and feeling the cover. I love when the title is beveled and when the pages have a texture, I love to see them piled and stacked up in my bookcases. I can understand when people say they could never own a kindle because they can’t imagine not holding a book, feeling it’s heft, smelling that smell, bla bla bla. Well you know I just say, move with the times people. Why can’t you have both? And save a small fortune in the process.

My kindle turned up just before christmas and I think I’ve only bought, (in my sister Emjay’s words),  one dead tree book since then. And why would I? That book I bought was Caleb’s Crossing, which I must say I’m finding slightly more than a touch boring. I bought it from a local book shop and I paid $ 32.95 for it. I could have bought it on my Kindle for $ 9.99. I bought it because we were out, drinks had been consumed, the book shop was open late and daz said – go on, buy a book.

What drew me into the book shop was the beautiful display wall they had of new books. Whoever did it had a marvelous touch, it looked lovely. But now I know that I can still go into the shop, look at the lovely books, take them down and feel them, smell them if I must, but then go home, buy them on my kindle and save over twenty dollars each time.

I can’t find a negative with that.

Oops. I almost forgot the negative. Thats why the post is called cooking with kindle. Cookbooks on a kindle don’t really work. I have two cookbooks on my kindle and today I just ordered them in dead tree book form. One thing, you have to flick back and forward too much and also it turns off after not being in use for a certain amount of time. It’s funny because I have a cook book on my iphone and it works really well. Just something to do with the set up on the Kindle that doesn’t work.

But I still love it.


13 thoughts on “cooking with kindle

  1. My human and I love readers! He’s an author and readers help buy my treats. The Kindle is a wonderful thing- my human’s on his third one. He agrees they don’t hack it when cooking. Tough making notations. He also has a suggestion or two. Don’t leave your Kindle on the table at MacDonalds when you go to get napkins. They disappear. Don’t take them in a boat. If you drop them over the side…Well, that ones not hard to figure out. Not only do have to replace the Kindle but all the books on it. Bummer!

    • And when you’re cooking she says – serve this with bla bla on page 87 but I can’t serach for page 37 so I have to go back to the contents and find the bla bla page then go back to whatever I was cooking in the first place and I end up with about a thousand bookmarks or highlights.

      I can’t see that boat thing happening. One of my greatest fears is being stuck on a small unstable object bobbing about in the water with no escape. My really biggest fear is to be stuck on a cruise ship with 900 children. AAahhhhhhh. (that happened to a friend of mine).

    • No, adore doesn’t work for me either. I don’t think I’ve ever said that I adored anything, lol, not a word I use, it seems a bit dramatic.

  2. I find the dead tree argument difficult, for I agree with saving trees, but as a former bookshop manager, I see jobs falling by the way and unemployment looming for many good people who do a great public service, introducing people to books. Real books.
    The other issue for me, is that in electronic form, the producer of the information can delete that information at any time and then great works, with no economic value, but a social and cultural value will disappear.
    I know I will buy an e reader for economics, but it is a difficult moral issue for me.
    It won’t always be cheaper either. They will jack up the price when they have us all onboard.

    • I know, it’s tough but it’s a sign of the times and I’m a big believer in having both the books and the e books. When my favourite authors bring out a new release I still buy it in paper form. Maybe we can introduce more kids to reading these days with e readers than we can with books, they do love their technology.

  3. i tried a coworker’s Kindle and I’m just not ready for them yet. something about it was too sterile… TOO black & white (I don’t know what I mean by that but, there ya go). Maybe in the future. But, for now, I’m sticking with the overpriced printed material.

    • My sister tells me books are much cheaper over there. Books and music. The kindle is good for reading in bed. Sometimes with a big book I have to prop up a pillow to lean it on with my dodgy elbow but the kindle is nice and light even it its a 1000 page book.

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