displaying the goods

You may remember that about a month ago I was keeping busy varnishing cigarette butts. I needed them for an assignment I was doing. Lizzie’s friend Ellie was my smoker. I’d tell her to smoke more and she’d get to it. She’d save them in little sandwich bags then Daz would pick them up and bring them to me. One day she said to him – What does Jane do with them? And he said – Well I give them to her then she varnishes them, then I don’t know really. But not only was I varnishing butts, I was making rolled paper beads and paper mache bowls and magazine page flowers and decorated light switches. I was working and gluing my fingers to the table.

We were in a group of four and we had to make a display for the library and we decided to do ours on reduce reuse recycle. And so I decided to make things because that’s what I like doing and I filled this little display cabinet and it looked bloody impressive.

And this was the point of the cigarettes. They wrapped around both sides. It was a beautiful globe picture, almost like velvet. It was almost a shame to stick dirty old fags to it.

And I made the paper mache bowls

And I made these really cool light switch covers. Well they’re not actually covers they’re just the light switches decorated.

And I made these rolled paper beads out of magazine pages and then Catherine turned them into earrings.

And then I made these ones using an old black and white text only paper magazine and they looked pretty cool with the orange beads on them. Retro.

And then these flowers turned out so well. Everyone was super impressed with them. These ones I made using pages from a book on flowers. The paper was kind of sturdy. I tried making some using magazine pages but they were kind of flimsy.

And then I decided to make some out of a novel I found (sorry Dan Brown). And I think these were my favourite thing of all because they were just small and sturdy and pretty.

And I made some magnets as well for giveaways and we had to set up a display of relevant books and pamphlets and whatever. Anyway I don’t have the mark back and I’m a little pissed that it’s only worth 30% of our total mark. But the other 70% is an assignment where we have to write a proposal for an event at a library and write a media release and make posters and pamphlets (although I’m doing a tshirt) and do a budget and a timeline and a risk assessment and mine is bloody awesome if I may say so myself and it has seriously made me consider going on to do events management. Because I do love to manage an event. I don’t think my kids ever had a birthday party where a spreadsheet wasn’t involved. But thats a bit down the track yet.

Oh, yeah and on this display assignment we had to work in teams of four and part of the mark is for a report you each have to write talking about the process and your involvement and what everyone else did and the others don’t get to read it so you can slag everyone if you want to. But I didn’t because I thought we all worked pretty well together because we were all such different personalities. BUT then we overheard one guy in our group telling the teacher that it had all been his idea and that he collected the cigarette butts and painted them and well whatever else he thought he did. But like I said he must really think he did it because he said it in front of us and we all know he didn’t so he’s obviously suffering from false memory syndrome. And he wouldn’t be the first.

Oh and by the way – how do I change those little avatar profile photos along the top there? I thought I did – but obviously not only did I not but somehow now there are a whole lot of stupid other ones I didn’t want or put there or know jack shit about at all.


21 thoughts on “displaying the goods

  1. I love those flowers! They are so pretty.

    I’m glad you were using butts from someone you knew because that would be pretty nasty otherwise. And what’s with the guy taking credit for that? I don’t understand people like that, it’s just plain weird.

    This made me laugh: I don’t think my kids ever had a birthday party where a spreadsheet wasn’t involved. You are too much. But yeah, you would probably rock as an events coordinator!
    Good job, I bet your grade will be really good on this!

    • I have this friend who always says she did things or said things that she didn’t do or say. I don’t get it either. Sometimes she says she did something with me and I know she didn’t but she must really think she did or why say it.

      Stinky butts – I wouldn’t have had trouble finding them on the ground if I needed them thats for sure, people just toss them all over the place. One day I was walking with Chicken and I saw about ten fresh cigarettes on the middle of the raod, womeone must have dropped them and I actually considered running out to get them. But then I realised that it would look really desperate and what if I got run over doing it! how embarrassment

  2. I once made a nice “ball” of these flowers – if I remember rightly there are three tips glued together at each intersection. Very pretty!

    • Yes, I need six petals for each flower. Glue three together then stick them to another three. I was going to make a wreath type thingo with some but I’m just keeping an eye out for exactly the right book – needs the right colours on the pages. I did see some in a book that were cute, tiny little ones made using post it note size paper. She’d used them as decorations on gifts with little buttons in the centre.

  3. My uncle used to collect littered drink cans, squish them, paint them, and then turn them into mobiles. Then he’d stick them in his front yard to freak out his neighbors. They were pretty cool.

    (I’m glad you found a good use for the Dan Brown book.)

    • There are some very imaginative people out there. I like coloured bottles together, not that you see many of them around any more, but I hadn’t thought of cans as art. Although I did see some in a book recently that had been painted then had patterns cut into them using a hole punch and they were all around a garden with tea lights in them – they looked nice.

  4. Guess what?! I made those exact same flowers last week! I put stems on them and now they live in a vase on my coffee table. They’re wonderful aren’t they? 🙂

    • Oh really! How did you do that? Because I was thinking of doing that but didn’t know what to use as the stem or how to stick them together without it looking a bit bla or if I should stick one or two flowers to one stem.

  5. Ooh, I love those paper beads. I’ve seen them elsewhere, but yours look jewel-like. And normally I would flinch at cutting the pages out of a book, but those flowers were well worth it. Very nice!

    As for your gravatar photo—go to “My account” on your toolbar, then click on “Edit My Profile.” There should be a “My Gravatar” box there that allows you to upload a picture for your image. But what happened to the glamorous blond on your old gravatar? I really liked her.

    • Maybe it depends what sort of finish you use because I used a glossy spray finish on them. And they were pages from a glosssy magazine as well. I don’t think I’ll take it up as a hobby thought, they were very fiddly.

      Hmm, I sis that with the gravatar thing but ow I just have one of those generic pattern wordpress ones and another old one. I don’t know what happened at all!

  6. Oh my, I wonder where they think you will all work? Did you do a risk assessment on the friend who did the smoking? LOL!

    Your artwork is really amazing – you are so talented. Is it possible that the guy was joking about claiming he did it? Maybe he thought he was being funny, when he obviously wasn’t?

    • Lol, I tried not to think about the fact that I was encouraging an 18 year old to smoke. My event porposal involves dogs and disabled children so the risk assessment section is massive!

      He wasn’t joking. He wrote it in his individual report, but the teacher told us – lol I’m her favourite.

    • Thanks – it turned out better than I thought it would but not as good as I was hoping. That paper mache work is harder than it looks, god knows how people get their bowls all super smooth.

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