bad kanga

Here is a photo of Daz and his sister when they were young.

They definitely have a strong children of the corn vibe happening.

And it’s a little scary when I consider that this little freak grew up and I married him. All I can say is thank god for australian gun laws.

Oh look, and here he is, getting attacked by a kangaroo.

It was after his bag of chips.

Bad kanga.

Nice shot though Mum.

He probably thought it was going to be all cuddly and friendly like this one.


12 thoughts on “bad kanga

  1. The shotgun photo is cute as hell…but I’m really confused about whatever is walking behind the car/attached to Daz’s wrist. Is it a child with a bizarre block-headed rooster head? Is it a doll stuck to Daz’s jumper? It’s freaking me out, man.

  2. Daz had quite a rough childhood by the look of it. I wonder what he and his sister did that was so bad they had to stand outside in dingo-attracting attire. (I’ve read that purple drives them mad and red makes them hungry.)

    • Oh you’re making that up!!

      He definitely had an itchy childhood. I haven’t seen a photo yet where he wasn’t wearing some kind of tigh, high necked, hand knitted garment.

    • He found that gun when they were cleaning out his fathers house after he dies (they’re still cleaning it), so he was pretty happy about that.

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