happy birthday to you

Happy birthday dear Kimba

Happy birthday to yooouuuuu.

Today my big girl Kimba turned 23.

I could say that it seems unbelievable that so many years have passed by but it doesn’t really seem so at all. Sometimes when I look back it seems as if fifty years have passed by but then other times it seems as if only five have passed.

But the years pass, and that’s that.

And she’s still rockin’ the sunnies all these years later.

Oh spell check you cretin, your sunnies are your sun glasses.


And all you need to top the day off is an awesome cup cake tower.

And all you need for that to happen is for your mum to wag school in the morning to make it.

Happy birthday Miss K., it’s been quite a ride so far.

Hope to see you rockin’ the heart shaped sunnies for many years to come.



19 thoughts on “happy birthday to you

  1. I had to chortle at the photo of Kimba in her ’80s-style finery. They should have used her for the cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!”

    (I also know what you mean by the years flying by. When my oldest turned 25 I had to look in the mirror and say, “No way.”)

    Happy birthday, Kimba. I hope you have a good one, but be nice to your mother, who will probably need a glass of wine before the end of the day.

    • She was a show wasn’t she! And she loved that dress, the frog dress, it was so thick at the bottom with all those tiers that you could never get it to dry.

  2. My birthday is coming up in a few weeks. I bet if you start another cupcake tower now, taking into consideration baking and delivery time, it should arrive on the exact day!

    And happy birthday to your stylish daughter. Kimba, I covet your sunglasses, and your age: Happy Birthday!

    • Aubrey I can not look at another cupcake for a while. I am not a eater of sweet things at all and yesterday I dipped my finger into way too many bowls of betty crocker icing. It’s a wonder I didn’t had a diabetic episode overnight.

    • I was sorting through photos and saw them and had a laugh. The latest pair she’s wearing she bought to wear to a music festival in Sydney. She and her friend there always go to festivals dressed the same with the biggest pair of sunglasses they can find.

  3. Did she have a very Happy Birthday? With all those cupcakes, I’m thinking… YES! LOL. My youngest is turning 21 this year. I can actually go out drinking with my baby in a few more months. That is still a mind screwing thought. Going out for Mexican food and she orders a drink… *kapow!* My head exploded.

    • Lol, yeah it’s weird for a moment or two. That whole no drinking until 21 is a bit strange though. Here they can drink when they’re 18 but a lot of kids are drinking at parties when they’re 16. I remember the first 16th birthday invitation one of my kids brought home that said – alcohol allowed with parents permission and I was like – WTF! So this parent is going to responsible for a bunch of drunk 16 year olds, supervising them and knowing which ones were allowed to drink and which ones weren’t. So do kids over there drink at that young age as well?

      • We grew up with a well stocked liquor cabinet in the house, so it was no big deal to us. It was just there and we weren’t that curious about drinking I guess. Now, when I drink, my body metabolizes alcohol so quickly that I rarely get drunk, just goofy from the sugar rush. But one of my best friends in high school was one of those who always tried to be the best at whatever to impress people. He tried his best to be a drunk, but he could not hold his liquor to save his life and more often ended up lying out in the backseat of the car sick while we all went out to eat.

    • Lol, maybe you could mentor her. She could go for sleepovers and stuff.

      I never know who our kids look like. People seem to dredge up all sorts of long lost relatives to cpmare them to before they get to me.

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