the seventies

I’ve been looking through a box of car magazines that Daz found at Errols house. The’re from the sixties and seventies and have some classic adverts in them.

It doesn’t matter how many times I look at this one it always makes me laugh. I really can’t imagine too many of todays models doing a campaign where beefiness is implied.

And this one gave us a cackle as well. I’m hoping that they’re implying this was not a good hairpiece but who knows – the 70’s were strange times.

These were from Modern Motor 1974.


12 thoughts on “the seventies

  1. The second ad is exactly why I’m not worried about going bald. No matter what I look like, it won’t be THAT bad.

    The first ad makes me think how funny it is that people in this country object to car ads with bikini clad models in them.

    And … no … I doubt any would willingly pose for an ad referring to them as ‘beefy.’

    • Lol – I couldn’t stand near someone with wig like that without laughing. And the first ad’s a funny one, there’s so much about it that would be frowned upon now.

  2. Maybe the tire is the “beefy” part and the naked girl is the “beautiful” part. Like Beauty and the Beast.

    Looks like the studio was cold. Of course, straddling a tire explains the pained look on her face. Ew.

  3. They both look miserable. She looks like that tire tread isn’t quite as comfortable a ride as advertised and he looks like the critter’s claws are starting to scratch his scalp.

    I loved the 70s!

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