now thats a bruise

It seems that my sister and I take turns posting stories about our sons and their latest medical dramas. So it must be my turn.

Last week on Sunday Lloyd phoned me and said his leg was sore, that he’d been kicked a couple of times while he was playing AFL on Saturday. So he came over for dinner that night and I said – WTF! you need to go to the hospital. His calf was the size of a bloody watermelon, with a huge bump and scab on top.  And bruised.

But he ho hummed and said it wasn’t that bad and I said well if you wake up with a pain in the groin through the night get straight to the hospital because it means you’ve got a blood clot. (Mothers have medical degrees you know). And he said, Jane, no one else seems to think it’s a big deal. (Because mothers know nothing you know).

Thursday he rings me up and tells me he ended up driving himself to the hospital at midnight because the pain was intense. He then waited three hours to see a doctor (they didn’t have enough beds) then spent another three hours with the doctors. They xrayed it and the bone man came and looked at it and they said there was nothing broken and it was just a massive haematoma. Then they drugged him up on painkillers and he drove home. I said, you probably shouldn’t have been driving. But what do I know.

Anyway this was how it looked yesterday – one week on.

So then he tells me he’s off to Kakadu in June to do two weeks volunteer work with researchers studying crocodiles!

I’m hoping his student health care card covers the flying doctor service.


25 thoughts on “now thats a bruise

  1. Holy crap! that’s what it looks like 2 weeks after? and he got kicked a few times, by what? a bucking bronco? goodness gracious. Happy healing to Lloyd, hope he has fun with the crocs and doesn’t come home missing a leg altogether! 8-$
    Most of all good luck to you staying sane. 🙂

    • lol, kicked by a man/boy with very strong legs and hard shoes. I’m pretty sure Lloyd will be wearing shin pads from now on.

      Yes, I’m hoping he comes one in one piece as well. It’s usually best not to think of him out there in the world.

  2. Ah your kid is invincible! (or so he thinks)
    At least he was smart enough not to ignore the pain. If he then learns to not use the car after being drugged you are good on your way. But hey, baby steps. Baby steps!

  3. Looks like the crocs already got to him. They were CRAZY to let him drive home after giving him the meds. Dang.

    My son’s off on another adventure to another dangerous local. No worries….his ride from the airport was armored with bulletproof glass. I kid you not. Supposably he’ll always be with a group of people who speak the language. I really hope he’s careful.

  4. When my son calls with another tale about colliding with a car while riding his bike or punching a hole in his hand with a power drill, I take a deep breath and say to myself, “He’s an adult. He IS an adult. He can take care of himself.” Then I try to give the most neutral advice possible, while controlling a rising urge to scream. It seems to work: the calmer and more indifferent sounding I am, the more likely he is to go to the hospital. If I cry and beg him to go to the ER, he just laughs it off and say, “It’s no big deal, Mom.” Boys just seem programmed to torture their mothers. The more adventurous they are, the worst they are.

    But can’t your son give up football? It seems the only knack he has for it is getting horribly injured.

    • Lol, it was a friendly soccer game when he had the head injury. He loves his sport. He works so hard at university and work and he says sport is just for him to have fun.

      He’s a cyclist as well and it’s made me super careful and aware of cyclists on the roads but it’s also made me more aware of how reckless so many car drivers when dealing with cyclists. He does so many things that could worry me to death that I’ve given up worrying too much. He’s not going to stop doing them so I just have to go with it and hope he fumbles his way through.

      I hope when he has kids he has lots of troublesome girls!

    • Aww, he’s a beautiful boy my boy – he wouldn’t hurt anyone like that. Well he wouldn’t hurt anyone at all actually.

      I hope it doesn’t fall off :O

      • I don’t know, Jane. A peg leg is pretty sexy. And maybe a lot sturdier than the original equipment, as well as less appealing to crocodiles. This could be a good thing!

        *sigh* boyz…

        • Do crocs know the difference between wood and flesh I wonder, they look like they’d just munch through anything.

          Boyz, when they’re at school they need to do a six month course called Consequences.

  5. Don’t worry ! … I’m sureLloyd does not want to feed the crocodiles with his bad leg ! … Besides, his leg is not fresh enough to be a temptation for theses delicate animals :)))
    Many loves

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