dickhead of the day

And the dickhead of the day award goes to………..

 the dickhead who didn’t have his dog on a lead and then smacked it across the nose because it ran away from him on to the road

Smacked it over the nose until the poor dog was laying on its back.

arsehole dog owner

Second place goes to the woman who was out walking with one baby in a pram, one dog on a lead tied to the pram, one toddler on a bike in front of them and one dog not on the lead.

When I saw them coming I picked up Chicken Little and said to the woman, oh, this one’s savage, which she obviously took to mean, oh, okay I’ll just let my psycho dog thats not on a lead jump all over you for shits and giggles then. I actually thought it had bitten me but then I realised it had my leg gripped in it’s paws.

Dogs and kids, they’re just way too readily available.


10 thoughts on “dickhead of the day

    • Thanks so much.

      I have all sorts of strange rules. In fact I’m thinking about extending the hula hoop range after an experience at the post office. Someone behind me sneezed and I felt my hair ruffle in the breeze. It was nasty.

  1. The dog with its paws around your leg was begging you to save it. Or shoot it. Dog owners like that are clueless and are likely to get their dogs killed. They don’t recognize that keeping a leash on your dog when you’re both outdoors is a safety measure for the dog, especially in areas where there’s a lot of traffic.

    Anyway, she’s probably the same kind of mother who lets her kids play in the street, then wonders why people yell and honk their horns at them.

    • You wonder why she had one on a lead and one not. Maybe it all just became too much once she had everyone else organised. But people who tie dogs to a pram always make me wonder if they’ve really put any thought into the procedure.

  2. Never have been able to figure out how these types manage to live past childhood. I’ve seen floormops with more sense. Maybe it’s their parents’ fault for actually stopping them when they walked in front of moving vehicles or leaned out of upper floor windows.

  3. Lol, moving vehicles are your form of natural selection. You don’t have to worry about the falling out of windows thing over here,kids seem to be dropping out of them everyday on the news. I’m starting to wonder if people are leaving the screens loosened on purpose!

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