daisy chains

They’re just like daisy chains.

But dirtier.

Cigarette chains I made.

They’re for a display I’m doing.

Stop throwing your cigarette butts on the ground smokers. An estimated 4.5 trillion butts are littered each year worldwide.


10 thoughts on “daisy chains

    • It’s been a dirty job I can tell you. I get them from my daughters friend in sandwich bags then I spread them out and give them a few coats of varnish then I thread them onto the cotton. Wearing gloves every step of the way. Every time I deal with them I can’t believe people actually enjoy sticking them in their mouth.

    • Lol, I get them from my daughters friend. She’s 18 and I feel bad about encouraging her but I’ve been sending her messages – pick up the pace Eliie, I need more butts! I can’t think of anything else I’d like to use them for after this although I’m sure if I collected a thousand and made them into some sort of sculpture some people (weirdo’s) would call it art.

    • When they’re finished – I’m spraying them with varnish so they don’t smell – they’re going to be wrapped around a picture of the globe because I thinks the statistic is that littered butss could wrap around the globe four times.

  1. Bleeeeh. It’s a great idea for an anti-butt-tossing display, but I wonder if people who throw their ciggy butts on the street or sidewalk even care. One of my friends who rides a motorcycle all through the spring and summer said he hates it when these jerks throw a still-burning cigarette butt out of their car window and it blows back towards him. He once got so angry he pulled alongside one butt-tosser at a stop light and threw the butt back into the person’s car. Yes, it was still burning.

    • Yeah, well thats the problem. I think a lot of people don’t care but I also think a lot of people just don’t think of the consequences of tossing a butt. How they could start a bushfire, or how they end up in the oceans and how they’re just damn ugly.
      Sucks for your friend – tossers would never even think about that consequence.

      • Yes, imagine the bicyclist or motorcyclist who gets that burning chunk of nastiness in the face. I’m not a smoker nor have I played one on TV. I don’t mind smokers as long as I don’t have to be around them while they’re on fire or for 20 minutes after. But I hate the way the world is their ash tray. blech.

        • The Tafe I go to is supposed to be a smoke free zone but o one polices it. The gardens are full of butts. Sometimes you see a pile of them within two metres of a rubbish bin. Thats another statistic I found – most littering happens within 5 metres of a rubbish bin. You probably call them trash cans.

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