shooting with miss lizzie

I’d just like to point out that it wasn’t my idea to put the duct tape over her nose and her mouth.

Because I’m all about breathing.

But when Lizzie looked at the first shots she decided her nostrils were massive and needed to be covered.

Hmm, she was a bit pissed off here because she thought Betty was wandering around too close to the doll with the scissors and she thought Betty might knock scissor doll who would then cut off her hair.

Still got a sense of humour though.

Don’t even ask about this one because I can’t remember why we had her tied up this day. She is gorgeous though.

Just being kind of creepy.

This one was all about her not wanting to eat peas.

But it took us a while to get it right.

And the Rebel Without a Sport. I’m not sure how old she was here, still a baby face though but she had a P.E. teacher that just hated her, so this was all about that.

She might have been a rebel but she’s always been a good sport. And a good sort


12 thoughts on “shooting with miss lizzie

  1. You are having a natural beauty there. 😉 No wonder she makes such a good model.
    Thanks for sharing those pictures. I had a great laugh.
    And I can’t help it – but you do remind me of someone and I can’t come up with a name…. *ponder*

    • My sister maybe 🙂

      I don’t think I look like that any more. I have long hair and I’m thinner. People used to tell me I looked like Linda Kozlowski when I was in my twenties.

  2. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or be disturbed at first. The doll with the scissors in the first two photos seems to be relishing Lizzie’s distress.

    But I think the reason you guys can play around like that is because in the end, you all really care about each other. With my family, I’d never pose even jokingly with a gun. It might actually be loaded!

    • They’re eveil aren’t they. It was for a theme called Toys Revenge but I always think of the as The Flowers of Evil.

      Lol, Your family and guns 😮

    • We say she’s fabulous now, but one day she’ll be on Ricky Lake (is that her name?) and I’ll be thinking I’m going to the USA for a makeover, and then I’ll walk out on a stage and the crowd will want to lynch me because she’s told them that when she was a little girl I used to tie her up and make her smoke cigarettes and get her sister to take photos of it all.

      I don’t understand the pea hate myself. I quite like the little suckers.

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