following the sun

Chicken Little decided not to participate in yesterday. Instead she followed the sun.

When I get up she gets in my spot for a morning warm up

Then when I open the blind and let the sunshine in she moves to the best spot.

Then later on when she’s out of her pyjamas she moves into the office where she moves across the floor following the sun until the afternoon when she’s squashed into the last tiny rays. She was loving yesterday because someone slept over so the sofa lounge was open.


16 thoughts on “following the sun

    • Lol, I’m picturing you………………’s kind of disturbing 🙂 I must admit I did have a lie down with Chicken on that sunny bed. I walked past and it just looked too good to pass up, a comfy bed, a cute dog, some warm rays and a good book. What more can you ask for.

    • The weather is glorious here at the moment. Hard to believe we’re well into autumn, it was almost hot today. We’re still all in singlets and shorts but the mornings are a little nippy and that’s when she first goes looking for a bit of warmth. Then the day just seems to progress from there.

  1. Jally is quite jealous that so many other dogs get to lie on furniture. I don’t think she quite believes me when I tell her that these are all photoshopped and dogs don’t REALLY get to do that.

    • Lol. Oops, the secret is out. We had a cat, Carl and he used to sit on the kitchen table. We seemed to push him off it for years before we just gave up and let him sit there. But whenever visitors would come and we’d walk in and see him sitting there we’d tsk and yell at him then push him off as if he was never allowed up there.

    • Well I hope you have a nice warm spot non participate in.

      Hey – my son has just started reading The Gunslinger. He tells me he can’t stop reading it.

  2. My cat does that, too! In fact sometimes I’m out of bed for less than a second and she’s already curled up right where I was lying.

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