Still alive

How bizarre.

I’ve been looking at this photo of my daughter Lizzie for about four years now, but it’s only today that I looked at it and laughed and thought, well that’s a bit weird isn’t it.

My oldest daughter Kimba took this photo. For a few years there we used Lizzie for all our photo shoots. She was the best model you could ask for. She did whatever we asked her to. I’d come up with these strange ideas and she’s just go with it. Seriously if the neighbors had ever paid any attention they would have called in family services and had taken her away. We tied her up with rope and duct taped her mouth and nose once, then threatened to have dolls cut off her hair. Ahh, good times. I made her pretend to smoke a cigarette once when she was about twelve.

Anyway in this photo shoot her sister, Kimba, was doing an assignment for her school photography class. So she dressed Lizzie up in this long sort of matrix velvet jacket of mine and a chunky chain necklace  and put her in various poses around our back yard. And in this photo she had to lie down on the grass and fan all her long black hair about her head.

And we liked the photo so we framed it and put it on the wall. And then it was moved to the mantle place. And then someone put that heart chain over the corner.

And it was only today when I was looking at it that I laughed and thought that if someone came to the house it might look like Lizzie had died, and that maybe she had worn that heart necklace all the time so we put it over the corner of the frame.  I think I’ll frame the one of her with her mouth duct taped and put it next to this one.


10 thoughts on “Still alive

    • Oh yes, definitely. I was just thinking that I need to get together a folder of all our crazy photo shoots. One day I asked her to do something and she said to me – where do you get all these fucked up ideas from anyway?

  1. I love that photo. Lizzie looks like a Goth princess in that one. The necklace from the corner of the frame does remind me a lot of the sort of thing you’d do on a shrine or memorial to a person, however. I have my dog’s old tags hanging on the frame of his photo, not that Lizzie remotely resembles a dog, lol.

    • I never thought to keep our pets tags. Damn. I was always too much of a blubbering mess to think about that.

      Lizzie is a good sort, and a good sport. There’s one of her taken that same day up in a tree and she looks like she might have been thinking about cutting our throats that night while we slept.

    • Haha, it’s funny because there’s this chirpy happy one right next to it of Kimba on the beach in Thailand all decorated with shells and stuff. And then there’s little Mortica next to it. Maybe I should put a lock of her hair with it as well

    • The camera does love that girl – even when she’s pretending to be dead. Of course now she’s all old and sensible (18) and won’t do the silly stuff any more.

  2. “I think I’ll frame the one of her with her mouth duct taped and put it next to this one.”

    Have a heart attack first aid kit handy for visitors.
    That aside, this is a truly beautiful photo.

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