the bill

Remember when Lloyd was in Sydney catching frogs and playing soccer and someone kicked him in the head and knocked him out? And remember the ambulance came and they asked Lloyd if he was okay and told the other kids there to watch him overnight and then they left? And they left without Lloyd actually going anywhere in the ambulance, or in fact even sitting in the ambulance.

Well he got a bill in the mail yesterday for that litle episode.

$ 684.00

He’s pretty pissed off about it because as he says he was unconcious and didn’t know what was going on and he didn’t call the bloody ambulance. I told him he needs to start wearing one of those medical bracelets saying not to call the ambulance if gets injured because he’s a struggling university student and can’t afford it.

Which means of course I’ll have to afford it. Actually I think the University should afford it. Must look into that option.


25 thoughts on “the bill

  1. One of the few times I regret my vow to not go into detail about my job … but –

    Unless there is an issue of blood or unconsciousness, I’m not supposed to call an ambulance unless it is requested by either the person or law enforcement … because then “the company” has to pay for it. In this case, I would have called an ambulance and your son (or whoever first said, “Call an ambulance!” – and I’d have that documented) would have to pay.

    So he needs to find out who called the ambulance … or who exactly kicked him in the head, accident or not.

    Of course, if they’d just let him lay there with a subdural hematoma and he’d have died or suffered brain damage he’d be a little more upset.

    And – being an ignorant American – I thought the “universal healthcare” we keep hearing everyone else in the world has paid for all of that.

    • I doubt there’s any documentation here but I’ll look into it. The university must have some responsibility in the whole duty of care.

      Once he got to a hospital he’d be treated for free but as for getting there in an ambulance you need private health cover. Which we don’t have. I’m used to living in the country, I’m sure the ambulance was always at the football and netball games on the weekends dealing with minor injuries free of charge.

  2. Does he get a Centrelink benefit for being a student? If he has a Health Care card it will cover the ambulance cost. Or is he still under your private health cover (if you have it) ambulance?

    Or, expensive lesson learned, time for him to find room in the budget for basic ambulance cover.

    I’d try the uni, if it was uni field work surely their insurance would cover it.

    • Don’t even get me started on bloody Centrelink!! I can see now that if I hadn’t married and never worked that my kids would now be sailing through Uni with Centrelink throwing money at them rather than them having to work two jobs to struggle through with me still supporting them when they need extra.
      I’ll definitely get him to check with the Uni. With all the field trips they do they must be prepared for the occasional accident.

  3. That’s interesting, though at my workplace, we had a rule that was the opposite of GOM’s. If someone was unconscious, even for a minute, we were required to call 911 and request an Emergency Response Technician (ambulance or fire truck, depending on who was faster). The reason might have been because we were a public school and under all sorts of state and federal regulations. But it may have also been outright fear that we’d be sued if the person died or became even sicker on account of our not calling for medical help.

    But ouch, that is some bill for just an ambulance call. Shouldn’t your son’s employer, school, whoever was in charge of his being there, be somewhat responsible for the costs?

    • Maybe they had to come to Homebush from a long long way away. I hope they charge all those stupid wankerswho ring the ambo’s and ask can they deliver them a pizza and whatnot that amount.

  4. I don’t know, Jane. That sounds pretty reasonable to me. Those blinky flashy lights are really expensive and the siren..? Well, I’m sure it costs plenty to turn that baby on and let it wail. Just because Lloyd chose to sleep through it doesn’t make it their fault.

    And what about the wear and tear on their shoes and their vocal cords? They had to walk all the way over to wherever he was napping and then had to talk. We really ought to be grateful, I think.

    (But it does seem like whoever did the damage or whoever sponsored the event where damage could be done would be responsible for the bill.)

  5. I have heard of that phenomena before, though I thought it was an American one. Why on earth do you guys pay taxes. At least here it’s covered that way. I think in G-land too.
    Hell of a lot of money. I hope there is a way that you can “write it off”

    • I have no idea why I pay taxes. In fact I wonder this more and more every day because my husband and I have paid a shitload of tax over the past thirty years and now when our kids need some government funding to help them while they study we can’t get any. But thats a different story 🙂

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