first term

Hard to believe first term is almost over and that the errands app on my phone is starting to show my May appointments.

I think today is the first Saturday that I haven’t had to spend doing assignments or homework or research of some kind. I have one more assessment on Tuesday which should be easy then one on Thursday more complicated. Then the term is over.

It’s been interesting so far, some parts more than others and we’ve been on a few excursions which have opened my eyes to things I might like to do. You know there are little libraries tucked away in all sorts of places that you never think about. Like the CSIRO, we went there, what an interesting woman we met. And the Botanical Gardens, the Art Gallery, oh and the Caroline Simpson Library, I loved that. They’re all about the history of houses and gardens and interior design. They collect wallpapers and lino and carpet, curtains, blinds stuff like that. But much more. They help with conservation and restoration of historic Australian houses. The guy who works there was so passionate about it. We got to go behind the scenes and into the vaults of the NSW State Library and the Newcastle Library where we met Vic who basically lives down in the stack room amongst these amazing old rare books.

So no homework today. I think I’ll go to the library, go to the markets, watch Lloyd play AFL then make some sushi for dinner.

Here is Chicken Little helping me do some cataloging homework. She gets bored.


21 thoughts on “first term

  1. Some of the Tourist Information Centres also have a Librarian – not sure about Newcastle but Sydney and Parramatta do. When I wanted to know the name of the cemetery near the Locksmith’s place I went to the Info Centre and I was surprised to find they had a Librarian and he was really enthusiastic and helpful. They have a little type of museum there and the Librarian is in charge of it.

    • They’re everywhere. The guy at Caroline Simpson started in a museum. Although that is a different course – Museum Practices or something. I did look into it but they only run it at Coffs.

  2. i love the pics of your study buddy!

    it’s great that you’ve seen other opps that exist out in the real world. one of the things i always had trouble with is “I don’t know what I want to do – I haven’t seen EVERY job yet”. I’m lucky that I fell into an opportunity where all my unique skills marry into one well paying job that I don’t despise.

    i think the architecture librarian sounds really fun!

    • Aww. she’s so sweet isn’t she. A major distraction though.

      I’m 47 and I’ve never thought – what do I really want to do – before now. I fell into a job then had kids then we started our own business then I started a hobby business, but it wasn’t until this year, when my youngest turned 18 that I really had a chance to draw breath and think, well now what? what do I really want to do. And I’m lucky that the thing I wanted to do, being a librarian, is not something that discriminates against – the more mature lady. The Caroline Simpson Library was just amazing and their newest staff member (Jennifer) looks to be well into her fifties. She did the same course that I’m doing and this is her first job out. It’s just good to see that there is a great opportunity at the end of this course.

    • The year is flying by. I finish this course in August but then I have another year after that to go. But still that will be over before I know it.
      Chicken Little is a lot of fun but not much help. She hates it when I’m touching the computer mouse and not her. She taps my hand and rolls in front of me until I have to touch her. The when I stop she uses her paw to drag my hand back to her. She’s good at reminding me whats really important in life. HER!!!

  3. Chicken Little actually looks like the dog who’d eat your homework, but he’s still very cute.

    Do you always study on your bed? I can’t, because I have a tendency to fall asleep after few minutes. It’s so cozy and soft, and in school I was always tired. I sometimes used to drift off in the library. One time I woke up at the little table where I was snoozing and realized I was surrounded by students all doing the same thing. It was amazing someone didn’t sneak in and try to walk off with our wallets and laptops.

    • Lol, good lord Chicken Little would eat anything! She ate frozen broad beans on Friday, and dry rice stick noodles.

      I hardly ever study on my bed but this subject, cataloging, is the only one that is totally hand written, no computer work at all so I always think I can do it lying down. But yeah, it never really works out. I settle in, then Chicken Little comes in and messes about then something interesting comes on TV and then by about 9pm I’m so tired I just lie down and go to sleep. I’m still trying to get a routine worked out, I haven’t done any study like this since I left school in 1984.

  4. Hey, that library that collects things to document history of house/interior/garden is totally something I could do too for a job. Sounds amazing!

    Hope the time for your last assessment won’t become too long and then you deserve a nice break;)

    • Seriously… it’s this amazing little place. You could walk right past it and never even realise it was there. While we were there they showed us this series of photo’s they have that were taken in 1942 by an Australian guy. He took these photos of his wife in all the rooms of the house. There’s one of her standing in front of the fridge, with the door open and this library uses photos like that to recreate rooms in some of their trust houses. They have the most amazing collection of retro wallpaapers. When someone buys a really old house and they start renovating it they ring this library and they go out and collect all the wall and floor coverings and take photos so they can recreate it somewhere else. It is so interesting. Also it’s good for people who are restoring old houses. They can go to this library and see what paint colours and floor coverings and wallpapers are right for that era. It’s amazing.

  5. I watch way too many gory shows on TV, because – on first glance – the first photo looked (to me) like there was blood spatter around the dog …

    Congrats. I don’t have the patience for studying any more. Of course, I didn’t 30 years ago either …

    • Lol, no, no violent study sessions.

      I hated school, I was always bored and not interested in much of it at all. I’d enjoy it now though because I’m more interested in those subjects like History and Geography. Not maths though, never want to do maths again.

    • She came from the pound so we’re not really sure. She’s Mini Foxie mixed with something else, maybe whippet as she has longer legs than most foxies. I don’t think you have foxies there (going to research) – no it said they are still relatively unknown outside Australia. I think you have Toy Fox Terriers that are similar.

      lol I should say that Chicken is Mini Fox Terrier but as usual here in Australia where we shorten every word we can we just call them mini foxies.

      • I was thinking some sort of terrier, definitely. The coat and colors and ears particularly.

        She’s adorable, whatever she is. I couldn’t study with her rolling around like that either!

  6. Chicken Little needs to work in Access Services. She’s all sociable and stuff. I think it’s wonderful that your program gives you so many glimpses into possibilities! In all my years (and years and years) of schooling, that never happened. Maybe I would have gotten a library degree in the olden days if I hadn’t thought I’d have to work in cataloging at a university forever.

    Not that there was anything wrong with it but I think my head would have ‘sploded eventually.

    I can absolutely see you working in a museum of photography or textiles or culinary arts. I know it’s been a lot of work so far but I’m really happy for you!

    • Although she can be a cranky little cow as well.

      Cataloging! All those full stops and semi colons. I have nightmares now about where to put full stops and spaces. That will be my final assessment on Thursday for this term.

      • I was a cataloger for four years and I can barely remember anything about what I did. Something about semi-colons… lots and lots of semi-colons. I’m sure it’s much different and less painful now. 😉

        HA! I’ll cheer for you on Thursday!

        • No, it’s no different! But there’s something about it that appeals to my OCD. Everything is organised, and there a are rules that must be followed, even though there doesn’t seem to be a reason for the rule. IT JUST IS!!! thats what our teacher always tells us when we whine………..but whyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

          And don’t forget to do the cheering on my Thursday not yours, otherwise it’ll all be over bar the shouting.

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