Please sir, I want some more

I just want to heat up some soup for lunch.


I don’t want to bring my pot to school and cook it there, I don’t want anyone else to heat it up for me and risk scalding themselves, and I won’t scald myself doing it myself and sue the school for a gazillion dollars because I’m horribly disfigured. I just want some warm soup for lunch.

I don’t even need it hot, just warm.

I don’t talk much about my life food choices but I have been a vegetarian for awhile. I don’t even remember the last time I ate red meat. And this year I decided to go vegan. What the hell I thought, why not. I mean if you’re not eating meat because you abhor the whole factory farming industry then really you have to include dairy and eggs in that. I mean really you’re just deluding yourself if you think free range egg hens are really having a happy happy time there.

HOWEVER….. thats not the point of the story.

The point is that I eat a lot of soup. I love soups and stews and mushy mixtures full of veggie legume goodness.

And here, at the arse end of the world, we are heading into Autumn. Oh, sorry, foolish me, that shouldd say here at the arse end of the world we’re a month into autumn. If you lived here you wouldn’t know that because we’re still in singlets and shorts and sweating a lot.

But I digress. I eat soups, stews and mushy veggie goodness all year.

So I thought…… I could take my leftovers to school each day and have them for lunch.

So I went to the Student Services building, because I figured they were there to Serve the Student. And I asked them if there was a room with a microwave in it that students could use to heat up food. And she looked perplexed. And she said – have you asked your teachers? And I said well yes actually I have. But it’s not really their job to know is it. That should come under the Student Services department jobs. But anyway she finally said…………………….no.

So I went to the canteen and asked them. And the very very lovely lady who works there told me that no there was no such room and that she couldn’t even heat up anything for me because of OH&S issues. She could scald herself and then somehow the TAFE is responsible and bla bla bla bla bla.

So I was talking to one of my new Tafe friends about this and he said – yeah, there’s a room downstairs in our building with a microwave in it and I see students using it all the time.

So that afternoon I went downstairs and saw it myself. A room, with a microwave in it. And I said to the woman who was working there – Can students use that microwave to heat up food? And she said – only international students. And I said – well what about the local students? and she said – too bad.

Obviously they’re much more responsible microwave users.

So the other day I was sitting there eating my leftover cold pasta dish and my friend Catherine said – that looks good, I bet it’d be nicer hot

indeed it would


25 thoughts on “Please sir, I want some more

  1. Google yourself a “Mr. Bento.” It’s a stainless steel thermos type item that lets you pack warm and cold things in the same container. Clever, those Japanese are.

    • Oh I’d love a bento. Or I love the idea of a bento anyway. But really, when you pack hot food at 8am it’s never really going to be the same at 1pm. Not without the help of a microwave. Especially if there are noodles involved, they just go kind of stodgy.

  2. I thought one of your classmates was from India? Perhaps she will be willing to assume scald risk and heat your soup or stew or veggie mush in the international-only approved microwave. Sort of like finding someone over 21 to buy you beer when you’re 13.

    • Lolol, oh don’t think us non internationals have not thought of this devious plan ourselves. Poor Harjinda, we wouldn’t ask her though, we only get twenty minutes for lunch and would feel too guilty asking her. We’re thinking of sending Michael in with a fake pommy accent and seeing if that works.

  3. Can’t you just go in and use the microwave, and if anyone gives you grief you reply, “Que? No comprendre!” or something similar? Maybe you could pass yourself as French or Swiss?

    We had a somewhat similar situation with the ice machine in our cafeteria: you could only use it if you bought something from them, though the water dispenser next to it was free. The staff routinely ignored the rule, saying if they didn’t want us to use the ice machine, they should have located it inside of the food service area. The employees, who were only getting minimum wage anyway, never stopped us either. But those sort of pointless rules give colleges a bad name.

    You became vegan? How do you like it? I find it so inconvenient when I travel, that I graded my diet down to fish sometimes, vegetarian whenever possible.

    • Haha, I don’t look very french or swiss and like I say I’m such a rule follower.

      I feel good about the vegan thing. Just felt like the right thing to do. Soy milk in coffee took some getting used to, might try rice or almond instead. I don’t really like fish so I never ate much of that anyway. I thought I’d miss eggs but I haven’t at all and I’ve bought some good cookbooks. I don’t eat fake meat either, it’s so processed and salty but I do like tofu and I love my legumes. Going out for dinner is okay here because there are a lot of thai and vietnamese restaurants we can go to but other places can be tricky. If we’re at the pub bistro I usually have to have a salad. Sometimes they have a menu with fifty things on it and not one thing without meat of some sort.

      • Indian restaurants are vegetarian and many of the dishes are vegan. Don’t know if you have any there, but you won’t find a bit of any meat — just dairy in half the stuff and legumes and roots galore.

        Soy milk tastes just awful to me, which I can’t figure since tofu is fine. But rice milk is delicious, no funny aftertaste.

        • There is one not far away and I do love indian food – I don’t do dairy though. I have a fear of dairy. When I used to eat it I always felt like I had a big gob of snot stuck in my throat.

          • Plenty of non-dairy Indian food as well, so between that and the Thai and Vietnamese you’re sorted. Maybe some pasta with non-meat sauce as well, a good pesto sauce, yum, maybe with some walnuts…

      • Well none of my ancestors were cowboys or gold rush miners or any of that, but it’s the spiritual ancestry of the country that counts.

        I’m a dedicated rule follower, but with something that stupid and petty, especially if I was hungry, I’d think a little civil disobedience against such discrimination was in order. It’s a free country, not Soviet Russia.


  4. “And she said – only international students. ”

    Umm..some kind of retro-racism in progress?
    I like the “Free the microwave” Tshirt idea. Do it.

  5. I can’t believe that the student union hasn’t provided microwaves! Maybe you need to make friends with the international students? Or buy one of those thermos flasks for soup?

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