a new kitchen

Well it will be a very sad day tomorrow when we have to rip out this little gem of a kitchen won’t it.


Oh mini orb kitchen how I hate you.

I am not a fan of mini orb. Maybe it’s because I grew up on a farm and it just makes me feel like I’m sitting in a sheep shed.

This is a seriously small kitchen and there’s not a lot we can do with it but it has a couple of issues that can be fixed and we can get rid of the orb. You know I don’t even want to ever know how many cockroaches are hiding between the mini orb and the wall.

So here is my bench space. It’s not massive. In fact its not even small.

It’s tiny.

OMG and that gas oven! You risk death every time you lean in there with a flame to light that baby up. One day Kimba walked in when I was trying to light it and thought I was trying to gas myself to death. And I think I almost succeeded.


But I can work with it. Our last kitchen had even less bench space. The problem here is that stupid sink up there in the corner. I can hardly reach it. I have to do this kind of stretch and and twist and lean to get to it.

And then there’s my pantry. Can you see it?


See it? It’s over there near the fridge. It has a nice mini orb panel on the side. And the doors are directly behind the door that leads outside. So every time you want to get something out of the pantry you have to shut the outside door first.

Note – I don’t normally have all that crap sitting on the bench, I was unpacking the cupboards. Well, cupboard.

I’m not a fantastic cook and I don’t spend hours in the kitchen, I just want something thats functional.

Stay tuned.


14 thoughts on “a new kitchen

  1. I’m so jealous!! I didn’t know you called it “bench space”, we call it “counter space”. I am cursed with a lack of that as well. My kitchen is a decent size (i can fit a dinette set in there) but it’s set up stupidly and it’s just a nightmare of dysfunctionality. I also never heard of “mini orb” but it looks like hell to try to clean. and coupled with the wood it looks dumb. And that railing is just awful. What you show in the second picture doesn’t look so bad though, at least stuff looks new-ish (everything looks new compared to my kitchen). Corner sinks are the stupidest thing ever. I always hated them (waste of space) and when I went to a kitchen design seminar years ago, it was confirmed by the lecturer that “corner sinks—STINK”. But even as far as corner sinks go, that one does look especially terrible, round AND way back?
    I’m no cook either and my kitchen keeps me that way. If i had a decent kitchen I might actually attempt to cook, even as depressing as it is to cook for one.
    Anyway. Congratulations in advance on the new kitchen! Can’t wait to see the results. How long are they expecting it to take?

    • Mini Orb was big here for a while. I friend of mine has her bathroom done with it. Sudder. And its a pain to clean especially in the kitchen where it gets sort of greasy around the oven. I think the guy who is putting the new kitchen in called the sink a motel sink. It doesn’t even have a draining board so you have to put a tea towel down when you want to rinse anything. Lol at the rails. There are a lot of wood features in the house. I’m hping to get around and paint them all one day but I haven’t got the time yet.

      He said it’d only take two days.

  2. I have a huge kitchen. Well, probably not by McMansion standards but it’s really big. And, like all the rest of this house, so badly designed that it might as well be a 4-foot square. I’m glad you’re getting re-kitchenfied. I’m going to come right out with pure sexism and say these lousy kitchens were undoubtedly conceived and designed by men. Men who had no intention of ever setting foot into the room and using it for what it’s intended purpose.

    Rip! Shred! Tear! YAY!!!

    • The guy who owned this house had a lot of interesting iterioir design ideas for sure. Wait until we get to the bathroom! (If I can ever afford it). This kitchen definitely had to go. I’m most looking forward to an electric oven and stovetop. I’ve never used gas before this and there doesn’t seem to be a – gentle simmer – option with it.

  3. Is mini orb about the same what my online dictionary calls for ‘corrugated sheet iron’? That wavy stuff surrounding your kitchen?

    This is a seriously badly planned kitchen corner LOL
    Let me know if you need help 😉

    • Yes, corrugated iron. Just like you’d use on a farm shed.
      I can hear them out there now ripping it out. I think they’ll be finished before you get here!

  4. How patient you are ! … Why did you not ask before for a new kitchen ?
    Fortunately, I’d be abble to rip all that by myself and built a new kitchen as I want : without money, buying second-hand appliances on the Web. A lot of people are frenetic consumers and sell beautiful appliances at a low price.
    I stay tuned ! …

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