Retro finds

I was going to have a whine about my head cold but I won’t now. I’ll just say that two weeks for having a head cold is way too long. My scalp is so tender and tingly I can’t even touch it. And one more thing, its not even winter, it’s not even remotely cool. In fact if you dropped by today you’d think we were still in the middle of summer. I don’t appreciate head colds in summer.

Anyway, remember these money boxes.

Well this one belonged to Daz’s father or grandfather and Daz used to play with it all the time when he was a kid, feeding it coin after coin, and he found it at Errols house the other day so now he has it back. He’s missing his bottom plate but it’s still pretty retro cool.

And he found some of his vintage matchbox cars. When he was a kid he wasn’t allowed to play with them. They sat on a shelf and he could only look, not touch. So now they’re sitting on our tv and he touches them whenever he wants to. Apparently he’s bringing back his maccano set today. He keeps bringing so much stuff back I believe he thinks our small storage shed is the Tardis.

And another family shot. Here we have Daz, his grandparents, his mum and dad and his twin sisters. He’s totally rocking that little belted pant suit. At first I thought he was his sister because they look a lot alike but her ears aren’t as enormous. Don’t know why she’s not in the shot. This would have been the twins christening day. His mum had great legs. Go the seventies!


16 thoughts on “Retro finds

    • Yeah, totally inappropriate, lots of things were back then. I’m sure when daz was a little boy playing with it he just thought it was a fun thing to do.

  1. The coin box is non-PC, but strangely those items are worth a lot of money now. When I was going through a box of stuff that belonged to my grandmother, I found these iron trivets that were shaped like Aunt Jemima and Little Black Sambo—black faces with large red lips and big white eyeballs. My father says those were given to Grandma back when he was a child, which would be the 1930s. She never used them—she thought they were ugly—but I looked up similar items on the internet, and found out that people, African-Americans especially, collect these things for their cultural and historic value. I’d rather hold onto them until I find a museum that might be interested in them. To sell them seems vulgar, even if they are worth a lot, and they do represent a part of American history that most people would like to forget.

    Daz’s outfit is absolutely stunning. Especially with the knee-high white socks. But I love the hat on his grandmother. Women had a lot more panache back then.

    • He had lots of little pantsuits like that, one was bright orange. His grandma probably made them all for him. And I think she knitted him a lot of little jumpers and cardigans which always seemed to be buttoned very tightly around the neck.

      I don’t think he’ll be selling the money box anytime soon, it brought back a lot of good memories for him. I think during a time when he was a bit confused and sad it was those little things that made him happy

  2. Thank you for posting all this. My ‘scavenger-hunt-gen’ is being satisfied from half around the globe LOL
    This is just amazing.

    And I couldn’t help but snicker. I must be colour blind. Only through the comments I realized the not to so correctness about the money box. While looking at the picture and reading I didn’t react at all.

    • You’d love to spend a weekend in Errols house. I just love the money box because I love all things retro or vintage. Luckily because the house is starting to fill up with them. I need more shelving!

  3. The family photo is priceless. Granddad looks like he’s in great shape. Mum really does have beautiful legs. She’s so tiny. Hard to believe she’d just had two babies.

    • And she’d had two other kids as well. Errol was very slim. I love the skinny leg pants he has on. Actually they found that suit in the house along with a few others from the 70’s. My son wore the jacket out on Saturday night but he said the pants were too tight.

  4. I adore Grandma in this photo. Old ladies don’t dress like that any more, except maybe the Queen, and HRH doesn’t wear white trainers/orthopedic shoes. And I like that she made clothes too.

    Mum is a stunner. Two newborn babies and she’s in that short dress with those legs (Grandma’s legs are pretty good too).

    Daz looks a lot like a boy I had a serious preteen crush in the 70’s.

    Basically, that photo makes me happy.

  5. I see Daz inherited his mum’s gams, at least until puberty hit, I’m guessing.

    I do love cool old stuff. It must be really hard for Daz to not bring home those treasures. Especially the forbidden ones. Man, what I wouldn’t give for the deer statue that sat next to my grandpa’s chair. NO TOUCHEEE!!! I’d be touchin’ all over that thing right now, just out of spite.

    • Lol, thats exactly what he does. He stands there rolling the cars back and forth saying, look Errol, I’m touching them. We’re hoping he grows out of it soon. I really really hope they do not find a deer statue there. I’m feeling that is where I’d have to draw the line.

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