Give Life

Yes, I’ve Blood
I’ve Life
and his summer has probably been fantastic.

If I’d been a bit quicker getting my camera out of the car window you’d know that what I really want is for you to hand over your organs. When you’ve finished with them of course. Unless you want to make some quick cash with a kidney I guess.

Give Life
Give Blood
This Summer

I don’t know why people are so reluctant to give up these handy body parts they have when they don’t need them anymore. Such a waste just chucking them into the ground or a furnace. People are dying out there who could use them.

I always said they could have anything of mine they wanted except my eyes. I just had a problem with the idea of someone standing over me with a scalpel popping out my eyeballs. Now my eyesight is so tardy I doubt they’d want them anyway. But what the hell I’ve decided to stop being a frilly blouse and let them have them anyway. And I must admit it does give me a bit of a laugh thinking that one day someone could be walking around with a slice of my skin on them. Because of the tattoos. Imagine if someone who knew me saw someone else walking around wearing my ink.

Australia has one of the worlds lowest organ donation rates yet we have one of the worlds most successful transplant success rates.

In 2010 there were only 309 organ donors in Australia.

So hand them over. Tell your family so they know you’re willing and register as a donor and carry a donor card with you so the hospital knows to whip them out while they’re still warm.

Go on, you won’t need them.



14 thoughts on “Give Life

  1. We should. Still haven’t made it around to get a pass, but I already told my parents. Should something happen to me and my organs are usable – go for it.
    I know it will do lots of good. But I admit I can’t continue thinking the thought. Otherwise I will think of huge cuts on my body closed with big ugly staples. I hate scars. I don’t want more then I already have. Even though I won’t feel or see them after I am on my way to the next life lol

    • You can tick it on your license here as well when you renew but I guess people musn’t do it. Also you only have to renew it every five years. I think it should be the other way around – your organs are automatically donated unless you state otherwise. I think they do that in some countries.

      Thats weird – you were spammed

      • I was all hurt till I realized it was probably my linkage to original content ratio.

        I think it should be opt-out as well. There’s no point in wasting perfectly good organs.

      • The advantage of having the dot on the front of the driver’s license is that it saves time, of course, for the doctors. Also, it’s tied in with a registry so it’s one stop.

        I reckon Australia needs some more public education — it’s gone up in California a lot since they started really pushing it and writing about it in all the languages in simple words, and putting it in every DMV communication.

        But only 309 people in the whole country?! That’s worse than some hell-holes without modern medicine.

        • We’re real slackers here. It’s not that we don’t care, it’s just that we don’t bother. If one friday afternoon, someone at the pub suddenly said, hey when we die, we should donate all our organs to people who really need them, you’d get a bloody avalanche of people ready and willing to give up their nearset and dearest body parts. I guess its one of those things you don’t really think about until its too late.

  2. I’m pretty sure since I can’t give blood (well, I can – they just don’t want it) that my organs will be similarly dismissed out of hand. Or liver.

    You’d think they’d want my super-tough-can-kick-cancer’s-ass body parts, though. pfffttt… Maybe I’d create too many invincible people and put them all out of business.

      • “They” say “There is a 3-year waiting period after completing treatment for internal cancers, except lymphoma, leukemia and melanoma, which are permanent deferrals.” I haven’t hit the trifecta yet but two out of three ain’t bad.

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