Cool black and white finds

and so the treasures keep turning up

black and white photos – they smell kind of musty and they’re sitting here beside me and I’m thinking they’re probably depositing some sort of deadly spores into my lungs as we speak

however they are lovely

okay lets get this one out of the way first, I have no idea who this is (maybe errol and his sister) but the first time I looked at it I thought that bush behind her was her hair and I thought – man, that is some massive hair for a such a small girl

and here are some people – daz said he has no idea who these people are but I think the little blonde baby on the left could be errol and the guy holding him is his dad harry – but I just love the photo whoever they are

and surely this photo could only mean – new car

we always had to come out and have our photo taken in front of any new machinery – car, tractor, header, you name it


brides of christ – I’m guessing errol’s sister is in here – this photo sort of scares me – these little girls just seem about a million miles away from my school days

and errol a.k.a. elvis

love this photo because I always love old photos with cars in them, cars in a photo really tell you the history of it, people and places can look the same for decades but automobiles tell the story

this is my favourite photo for a long long time, love everything about it. I think that’s Daz’s grandparents and the baby would either be errol or his sister. I don’t know who took it but they have really captured the moment. the chooks, the dog, the car – just love it

and then we have daz’s mum – seriously

I love these photos. A touch of Sophia Loren there.


how come everyone looked like a movie star back then?


18 thoughts on “Cool black and white finds

  1. Lovely pictures.Is there a solution to clean them ? Leave them in the plain sunshine ?

    Images that remind us that, unfortunately, we did nor appear out of the ground as mushroms and that we have to assume all the losses we had in our lives.

    Old fashion clothes do not shock me : current fashion is inspired from them. But thoses old american cars ! … I love them ! … Too funny ! …

  2. I love them all. Seeing your parents young is somewhat surreal. They’re like … people.

    When you wrote ‘brides of christ’ I thought it was like saying ‘holy crap’ but I got it after a while.

    The cars are FANTASTIC! I always love them, too.

    • Oh, sorry bout that. Brides of Christ was a mini series on tv here in the early 90’s about young girls in a convent school. It was much more intersting than it sounds. I just assumed everyone had seen it.

      Its very strange seeing my mother in law in a bikini. Can’t say I’d like to see it now although she has aged well.

  3. This is really cool. I love seeing how different times were back then.
    And that dress!! Alone the dresses make me want to live in the 50’s.
    The last picture looks like a set from one of the old ‘Tarzan’ movies. The ones I know with Johnny Weissmüller.

    • Lol, well there is another photo of the blonde girl swinging out on that rope. I love that dress as well. Maybe it’ll show up somewhere in that house under all the bags.

  4. When my mother died and “they” did a ‘slide-show’ type thing of pictures of her, one of my friends made the comment that she looked like a movie star in some of the photos. I thought he was nuts, but really – as you said – everyone did then. Maybe it was because not everyone had a camera and went around snapping shots of everything.

    • And everyone always dressed up. Suits, hats, stockings, nice shoes and their hair was always done. No one seemed to just go to the shops in their tracksuit pants and joggers.

  5. These are wonderful treasures, no matter who they are of. I can see why your kids are so lovely, with these ancestors!

    The wedding photo is wonderful too — everyone looking so handsome and pleased, and the groom is about to bust his buttons in happiness.

    • Daz’s sisters kids look so much like Errol it’s scary.

      I will have to find out who the wedded couple are. They look so young and innocent.

  6. Those are great. Yeah, Daz’s mum–tewtally see the Sophia Loren, she is gorgeous in that dress, I love that. I love seeing the way people used to dress. Even though I am all about comfort, I often wish men still wore hats and suits and women worse these kinds of beautiful dresses. and people dressed to travel, people on planes in sweats and stuff…urgh. Again, I like to be comfortable but that’s a bit much.

    • I remember when I was small watching my mother getting ready to go to town. It only had a population of 2500 people but Saturday mornings she always dressed to go to town. And there are some funny photos of my grandmother when she travelled overseas. They must have been in Papua New Guinea I think. And here are all these well dressed white ladies in hats and stockings standing in a village amongst naked tribal people.

  7. “how come everyone looked like a movie star back then?”

    I KNOW ! I don’t think they went to the gym or anything to work out..but can you see one small extra inch of fat anywhere they don’t belong?

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