the routine

This going to school full-time is really messing with my daily poo routine. I’m definitely going to have to stop eating lentils until I get a new routine worked out.  Seriously, I was lucky on Friday that we had word processing for our last class because I already know a lot about that and was able to rush through it all and leave an hour before everyone else. Because I really had to hot foot it home to get to the toilet. Because anyone who knows me knows that I refuse to poo in a public toilet. I know one girl who just poo’s wherever she is and it always surprises me. It must be very liberating actually. But unless I had a very upset tummy I couldn’t do it. I feel soiled just going into a public toilet when someone else has done a poo in there. And I always hate to think that someone will come in as I’m leaving and think I did the poo. But I’m sure I’ll sort it all out.

And homework! I didn’t sign up for all this homework. We only get homework from some teachers and most of that is because they get sidetracked and rave on with totally unrelated rubbish for half an hour and then we have to finish the work at home. And there is one guy in the class who I’d really like to throttle sometimes. He is – The Question Asker. As soon as he opens his mouth I feel like banging my head on the table. Today at lunch I told him that he was banned from opening his mouth for the whole of the next lesson. I mean he’s a nice young guy but I just wish he’d SHUT HIS MOUTH. I mean it’s okay for the young ones in the class. They just get up, come to class, go home. Oh okay they probably do more than that but they’re still in their early twenties and live at home so it’s pretty easy. Us old girls who have families and have to work and run a hobby business and whatever else know that if he’d just shut up we’d get through the bloody work faster and wouldn’t have to add homework to the list of things we have to do when we get home. Last week three of us were standing there talking about how we were out hanging up the washing at 10pm the night before.

But I am enjoying it. Some days are more interesting than others, some days I need ten coffees to get through. Yesterday afternoon I felt drugged and the class just dragged on and on and on. One of the girls in the class told me that she thought I had ADHD with a touch of OCD. She totally meant no offence by it at all, I know exactly what she means. I like to be busy and I like to get things done there and then. I decide to do something, it’s done. I want to buy something, I own it. I’m a do-er. So the only problem I have with this course is that I can clearly see that what we are doing over six months could very easily be done in three months. But six months seems to fly by these days. Who’d have thought March would be here already.


16 thoughts on “the routine

  1. There is always the guy who argues, the guy who asks questions, the mature aged student who goes on and one until no one knows what their point was in the first place, and the older woman who is pernicky.

    You will be grateful for the guy asking the questions later when exams come along – he will get the most clues from the teacher!

    The mature aged students always sit in the 2nd row as their eye sight is fading!

    • You must have gone to a different place to me then because question boy hasn’t asked one relevant question yet. He even starts his questions with – this might not be relevant. That’s when I feel like banging my head on the desk. I think I’m the mature aged student and I sit in the front row!

  2. I would often sit in the front row, and spend all day Sunday catching up on homework. Such fun!

    Question asker is probably just bored. You all are, even the instructor, but we must go through the series of motions, musn’t we?

    My non-favorite students were the young turds that picked up all the material instantly and then spent the rest of the time cuttting up. Jerks. Don’t they know I’m paying for this?

    Anyway – keep it up, all will be well. Eventually.

    • I have Mondays off so I catch up on work then because I refuse to do anything on the weekend. I work hard through the week so I’m having my weekends free. But like you say I must endure this to get that piece of paper I need at the end. I must say though that I kick their arses in the book repairing class. Covering all those school books year after year has finally paid off. I am a master of contact and duct tape.

  3. I think you’ve hit on why I can’t bear to take classes anymore. It just takes TOO DAMNED LONG.

    Here’s hoping The Question Asker will at least ask interesting questions. Or really boring ones so you can get a nap in.

    • They could definitely snip it down by a few months. A lot of the time I sit there and think of all the other things I could be doing. The course after this goes for twelve months full time or three years part time. I just don’t think I have it in me.

  4. Some posts should be marked with a warning sign. I was eating while catching up!! 😛

    And: oh God!! These question asking people aren’t only in school. They seem to show up everywhere. Also when we have those work related meetings it seem there are always one or two people who have to ask question just to ask them. Usually the answer to them was given about 10 minutes before.
    Put them all in one big sack and beat them with a stick. I am sure you are going to hit the right one.

    • I’ll suggest the stick beating to the rest of the class, I’m sure they’ll all go for it.

      This guy always asks questions that have just been answered as welll.

  5. I remember you mentioning your “problem” in one of your posts on Thailand. I sympathize—I can’t stand doing my business in a public toilet either, but I hate being constipated even worst, which is what happens when I put off doing the deed too long. A doctor told me you can train your body to go at certain times when it’s more convenient, but mine is stubborn. It wants to do when it wants to doo.

    In grad school you have to ask questions or at least try to answer them, otherwise the professor thinks you’re slacking off. But like irony says, those question askers aren’t just in the classroom. We had this moron of a co-worker who would ask completely irrelevant questions during the staff meetings, like “What ever happened to that student who….?” I think he thought he was funny, but we all wanted to grab him and stuff him in a locker. You wanna see time die, sit through an office staff meeting.

    • Lol, thats what I’m trying to do now, train the bowel.

      My question asker thinks he’s funny and charming. To me he’s just an annoying 23 year old boy.

  6. Our brother would not go and stay anywhere overnight/weekends for years because he didn’t want to be away from the home toilet!

    I can’t stand it when people preface a question with either: “Can I ask you a question” or “This is probably a silly question”….

    • Lol, thats funny. He’s a funny guy. There is a boy in our class that remnds me a lot of brother. It’s the looks he pulls. There’s one where he looks at you and slowly shakes his head from side to side with his lips in a straight line. This guy does it exactly the same. Actually he has a very similar nature – I think he’s a missionary, so he’s pretty conservative also.

  7. oh, gawd… I HAAAATE those people who ask a million inane questions just to hear their own voice! I once had a horribly long econ class (and I already hate econ) with one of those. plus he’d clear his throat nearly non-stop. When he sat directly behind me for the final, I freaked out!! Thankfully, it was the ONE time he didn’t snort or cough or anything!

    Homework is one of the biggies keeping me from returning to college. I don’t mind the work in class. I don’t mind work I can do at the office. But stuff that I actually have to do at home? NO WAY! I’m too old for that shit – teach me the principal, I’ll apply it when needed; I don’t need to do so now!

    • He asked a good question this morning, we were on an excursion and the woman said – good question – and we immedicately told him that it didn’t mean he could ask anymore stupid ones in the afternoon.

      Homework sucks. I’ve had three kids go through school, I’ve done enough bloody homework with them. I’m too old for that shit as well!

  8. I laught a lot imagining you running to home to poo ! … What an idea, not to poo at home early in the morning before going out to class and not to authorize you to poo anywhere you are ! … 🙂 🙂

    Sometimes it’s difficult to be in a group whose learning rate
    is slow …

    Have a nice day.

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