the bubble monster

There was some sort of street fair not far from here on Sunday. So we went for went for a walk, had a drink at a new bar that just opened, had some Thai for lunch and watched the people going by.


12 thoughts on “the bubble monster

  1. Man in the fishnet top was an entertainer, or just hanging out and begging to be made fun of?

    Honestly, there should be a law saying you cannot show skin in public unless you have a body that justifies it. People with marshmallow bellies particularly should keep it to themselves.

    • Oh dear, now I feel bad. I should remember when it’s hot, fashion gets sacrificed for comfort. When I first moved back to Cali, I was a little shocked by how “undressed” everyone looked. But then I looked like a buttoned-up missionary compared to them—and I felt like it. I went out and bought baggy shorts and flipflops, and ahhh, much better.

    • He’s following the slip slop slap rule. Slap being slap on a hat. I feel like I’ve been bitching and moaning about the heat for years now but seriously you would not believe how hot it is here today. And humid. Hopefully he followed the slop on some sunscreen part or he’s going to have an interesting looking mesh body tan.

    • I love bubble guns. Thats really what I was trying to take the photo of. There were bubbles everywhere. Mesh shirt guy was catching them in his mouth when the kid was spraying them.

      • my last 2 bubble guns were bought while drunk at a fair – because bubbles are AWESOME!! (and doubly so when drunk)

        I used to keep a little bottle of bubble-stuff in my car, back when I had 2-hour (each way) commutes. When traffic would back up really bad, I’d start blowing bubbles… to keep myself in a good frame of mind and with hopes of doing the same for other drivers.

    • It is stinking bloody ridiculously hot! We had our hottest March day in over 90 years on Tuesday. Mind you I like it better than all that awful snow you’re been getting. I’d hate that.

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