a quick update

Just a quick update. Remember the french girl from my last post? The one Lloyd thought had abducted him when he woke up after his head knock? Well she’s coming to dinner tonight. And I guess we should learn her name but this morning Lloyd rang (we’re going out for dinner tonight) and said Can I bring the french girl. I hope he knows her name!!

Apparently she’s here to study for six months and only arrived in australia the day before the frog catching/head knocking field trip began and she has nowhere to stay yet so she’s staying with Lloyd and he doesn’t want to leave her home alone.

Stay tuned.


14 thoughts on “a quick update

  1. How do you say “Brain Watcher” in French? Because that would be a pretty cool name for her and I’ve forgotten everything I used to know about French after four years of study. Except for fries. I definitely remember plenty about French fries.

  2. “French girl?” Don’t young men know how to introduce their friends to their mothers anymore? Especially one who looked after him when his life was hanging by a thread?

    I’m assuming Lloyd feels better now—no more hallucinations or lost memories. You could grab a flashlight and beam it into his eyes to make sure they’re still dilating, however. Just to make sure.

    • Lol, Laura, that’s her name. But she’ll always be The French Girl to us. It’s funny because we were all out with another Laura who is our daughters friend but we call her Loz. Somehow it just doesn’t seem right calling the french Laura Lozza. Although Lloyd does call her Frenchy.

    • Oh wow Apolline that would have been fantastic if you could have been here. Her english was excellent though I must say, just a few words here and there she didn’t catch. She was quite lovely. Half portugese.

    • It was a very interesting night. Funny the little things that are different between cultures. She was saying how everything is big here. Even when we were complaining about how small the toilets were at the restaurant she said she didn’t notice because she’s used to everything being small. And seriously we almost had to stand on the toilet tonight before we could open the door.

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