Why don’t boys knit?

It’s typical Lloyd behaviour really. He can travel across the world, do the worlds highest bungee jump, play with elephants and tigers and swim with sharks without getting a scratch but then come back here and get knocked unconcious while he’s on an excursion in Sydney observing frogs.

He was playing soccer during a break and I can imagine he would’ve been trying because I’ve passed on a mean competitive streak. Then he gets kicked in the head and he’s out for twenty minutes. They called an ambulance and they did whatever they do and left him to it because he seemed okay. But he said he couldn’t remember why he was in Sydney and he couldn’t remember things that had happened earlier in the week. So of course I’m now going to spend the rest of the day expecting him to suddenly drop dead, because you do hear of that happening. Sigh. Must send him a text actually telling him to go to the doctor immediately if he feels unwell. Because he doesn’t. He told me he doesn’t like causing a scene and putting the nurses out. THAT’S THEIR JOB!! I always say.

There was one funny thing about it though. This is a camping trip and Lloyd doesn’t have a tent so he just set up his bedding and sleeping bag under a tree. But then he met a french girl who had a tent but no bedding so she said – lets share – so he moved into her tent. But then after the head knock he woke up in the tent through the night and saw her and didn’t have a clue who she was. And not only was she there he said every time he woke up and looked over she was sitting there staring at him. Thats because the ambo’s had told them that someone had to watch him overnight as you do with people who’ve had a head knock. So he thought he’d just been abducted by some french stalker.

When do they say those danger years for young men end? At age 25 I think so only four years to go.



21 thoughts on “Why don’t boys knit?

  1. Oh how scary! But funny about the French stalker chick! I hope he’s okay soon. Geez, it’s neverending, huh, your worries? How do parents stay sane? (or what occasionally resembles sane)

  2. LOL. Sounds like a person who is very aware when obviously in a dangerous situation, and the rest of the time they go on auto-pilot.
    He probably had some sort of concussion, so it’s good if people keep an eye on him.
    I think nausea is one of the signs that should make him think and go seek help for sure.

    I guess there is one good thing about it: many men would find any excuse to get treated by a cute female nurse, you kid doesn’t seem to look for these situations 😛

    • Oh he’d have all the girls fussing over him I can imagine. Apparently they’ve all been told the things to watch for and I’m guessing they’re doing a good job.

  3. I think my son doesn’t knit because his sisters knit. He’d never do anything they were doing, especially if they were enjoying it, hell no. But if Lloyd’s saying he’s having memory issues, that a sign of a major concussion and yeah, he has to see a doctor now.

    You could do what I did when my son refused to see a doctor after he was sideswiped by a car. I told him if he didn’t go, I’d personally drive up there and take him to the hospital. That did it—he went to the clinic and had his knee looked at. No young man wants his mother standing on his doorstep, fussing and treating him like he was in preschool in front of his friends.

    • LOL – when I was speaking with my son in hospital last night I asked “do you want me to talk to your doctor?” He mumbled “I’m not 10 anymore mum” 🙂 He was probably worried about what I’d ask!

    • Lol well it’s funny you mention that because when he slammed his finger in the car door recently he came home the next day and said – I needed my mum last night.

      When he first said he’d been knocked out cold I thought he meant someone had knocked him off his bike because I’m always waiting for that to happen. Especially when I see the way drivers of cars treat cyclists.

  4. “When do they say those danger years for young men end? At age 25 I think so only four years to go.”

    Let me break it to you gently, Jane – never.

    • It seems that way doesn’t it. Actually they always seem to be the ones throwing their bodies about. I think they’ve had more injuries than all the other cousins combined.

    • Good thinking. I could sew it into a sort of pantsuit. If I could sew I could do that. I know – you could tape it together. Then he’d never ever get out of it.

  5. I want to be knocked in the head and abducted by a French girl!

    I had a similar thing happen to me … except I was about 6 … and it was my mother who sat up all night watching me. Not quite so romantic.

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