Get a grip…. on the lead that is

I’m a very tolerant person. I’m able to accept that there are all sorts of people out there and that the world is a better place because of their differences. But there is one group of people out there who really piss me off. And they are the fuckwits who take their dogs to the park and don’t keep them on a lead. They are the same fuckwits who let their unleashed dogs run up to Chicken Little and then give me dirty looks when Chicken attacks their dog because she suffers from a severe case of  little dog syndrome mixed with a fair dose of – I spent a year in the pound fighting arseholes like you for food syndrome. If these idiots just took a short stroll over the bridge they’d be at Dog Park and their idiot dogs could run around with all the dogs they like. And they could leave Chicken and I in peace to do our afternoon walking and I wouldn’t have to pick Chicken up all the time to save someones dog from having their face bitten off.

And just as bad are the people who walk their dog on a very long leash and let them run at you. Seriously I almost lost it today and slapped a women in the head. She was out walking on the street with her small daughter, each holding a lead with, oh I don’t know, a medium sized elephant on the end of each one. Medium sized elephant crossed with pit bull crossed with bull mastiff or something. And I’m trying to teach Chicken to just keep her shit together and walk past people with their dogs. And most people make it easy because where I walk it’s a bike track as well so people walking their dogs usually walk them on the outside so they don’t get caught in the wheel of a speeding bike thats overtaking you. So we walk by and I hold Chicken close and she growls and puts up the hackles but it’s not a big deal. So today we’re almost home and I saw the two elephant cross pit bull cross bull mastiffs coming and I thought hmmmm, might be a good test, we’ll just keep going. But then they got closer and I saw that one of them was on this great long lead, at least three metres long so I picked Chicken up and kept walking and then we got past and I looked back and this great big elephant cross you know what was almost snapping at my arse. And you know if I hadn’t of had Chicken and she hadn’t of had that fucking big dog, I would have gone and slapped her stupid head in. Which would probably have been a charge of assualt seeing as how we didn’t have the dogs and all.

And these are also the idiots who don’t put their dogs on a lead when they’re on the streets and then the dogs chase cats they see in peoples yards. My daughter had a friend whose cat was killed by dogs like that. It was really bloody traumatic.

Anyway all I’m saying is that these people should not be allowed to contribute to the melting pot of different all sorts that make up the world because they’re dumb idiots.

Sometimes when we get back from our walk (it’s about a 45 minute circuit), Chicken likes to chillax on the bed and watch a bit of cricket. Probably wishes she could get her paws on one of those bats and teach some people some manners.

Lol, she loves her cricket.


16 thoughts on “Get a grip…. on the lead that is

    My dog weighs 9 pounds. He is old and doesn’t like other dogs, mostly. He thinks he has to protect me. I know I have to protect him.
    We both freak out when another dog comes running at us, no matter if it’s a big friendly dog wanting to say hi or what, because we don’t know the dog and we are both in “I have to protect my buddy” mode. Why don’t people get that?
    A couple weekends ago I was trying to take Elvis for a long walk since the sidewalks were finally clear of snow and it was pretty warm out (even thought there was still a bit of snow on the ground). We get about halfway through our loop and there is some nimrod with his dog not on a leash. They are walking really slowly, whereas Elvis and I are going at a good clip, because we both need exercise, and the nimrod has a cup of coffee he’s sipping, wandering along. Well, I slow Elvis down and encourage him to sniff around, while waiting for the nimrod and his dog to move along (they were headed the same direction as we were). Well, the nimrod’s dog got a gander at Elvis and wanted to check things out. The guy would call the dog, the dog would stop, and head back a little, then stop and head our way a little. Thankfully Elvis never got wind of the other dog, and I just had to turn around and head home, while the nimrod and his coffee tried to get his dog’s attention and continue along their merry leashless way and hope the dog didn’t run into traffic or go after another unsuspecting dog.
    People are so stupid. They’re always like, “Oh, don’t worry, he’s friendly!” when their dog runs up to Elvis, and I shout WELL MINE’S NOT!!! and what am I supposed to do? I pick Elvis up, Elvis bites ME, and the other dog is still there because he’s not on a leash. And Elvis will go after another dog, too, he doesn’t know that he’s not a pit bull.
    And how about the people who have big dogs they can’t control?
    oh don’t get me started (too late!)

    • Lol – don’t they shit you when they say that – Oh he won’t hurt her, or he’s friendly. Yesterday a woman was walking a little fluffy thing that wasn’t on a lead and I guess she thought because Chicken is little and cute and wears a diamonte collar that she’d be friendly. And they were walking behind us in the same direction so we had to really crank up the pace to get away from them.

      And people who have big dogs and let their kids walk them when they have no control over them.

  2. To my hometown’s credit, they do enforce the leash laws very strictly around here since there have been so many people bitten by pit bulls. My parents however routinely allow my brother’s old dog to stroll around the front yard without a leash, and as a result my brother has been fined by the city. Both my brother and parents say that Sandy is a gentle dog and wouldn’t hurt anyone: but what they don’t get is that there are so many strays running around here, she could get attacked while wandering about. Dog leash laws are not only for other people’s safety, but for the safety of your own dog. But no one gets that, so even “good” dogs get hurt or sent to the pound.

    • Thats good that they enforce it. I’ve never ever seen anyone walking/driving around here who looks like they might bother. I think pit bulls were banned in NSW a few years ago after a few savage attacks on children and small dogs.

      I was wondering yesterday what would happen if Chicken hurt another dog even though she was on a lead and they weren’t. And another thing is if they get attacked by an unleashed dog it’s very hard for them to defend themselves if they’re on the end of a lead with someone holding it screaming and pulling.

      One day Chicken tried to attack a staffordshire bull terrier and she ran at it so violently that she came to the end of her leash and flew up in the air and straight into my daughters arms. Another time a woman was walking her Great Dane and she walked it up to Chicken and said something about Chicken being a lovely little thing and then Chicken attacked it but it was funny because the great dane just lifted one of its paws and smacked Chicken right in the side of the head. Put her in her place.

  3. Oh I know what you mean. My take on it is that every dog owner has to go through a multi-hour-brain-wash by watching plenty of seasons with The dog whisperer Ceasar Milan before being allowed having one.
    Because most owners seem to lack the common sense you need when having a dog.

    • Lol – we don’t get that show here. I saw it a couple of times on pay tv but it’s not on free to air. We used to get a show with some crazy pommy chick who wore black leather and a high pony tail but I haven’t seen her for ages now either. There just needs to be stricter rules for pet ownership in general. Stop backyard breeders and pet shops from being able to sell dogs. We bought our dog from the pound and you had to pass all sorts of tests to be able to have her yet any dickhead can go to the pet shop and buy whatever they want.

  4. The other evening I saw a girl weighing 50-60kg walking a pitbull/mastiff that outweighed her and was chomping at the bit. There was no way she could’ve controlled it if it’d decided to lurch at someone. I crossed the street because I’m a big scaredy cat!

    • Very sensible of you. There are these kids that walk past our house all the time with a huge black labrador and they never have any control over it at all. There are four kids and the oldest one is about 12 and she lets the little ones hold the lead and they ALWAYS let it go and the dog races off and chases cats and the kids all cry and the big girl yells at them and it’s always a bloody disaster.

  5. I agree with everything you wrote…some people have no respect! I’d like to add to that people who think it is a good idea to let their dogs run loose when they live in the middle of town. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a loose pitbull or a rotweiller (sp) in my back yard when I’ve taken my dog outside….on a leash, in my own backyard!

    • Now that would be terrifying. Our neighbours had a rotweiller and every now and then it would get out of their yard and I was always too scared to leave the house before they rounded it up. If I had of seen it in my back yard I would have shit my pants!! We used to hear it running around inside their house and it sounded like an elephant was running around in there. It’s one of my greatest fears, being attacked by a dog. I couldn’t think of anything much worse.

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