it’s all about Lloyd

Sorry, I know you all must be getting sick of hearing about Lloyd. I’m almost sick of him myself. Almost. But last weekend was his 21st birthday. So of course there was a party. And of course I have photo’s. Now lets see.

Okay, well this is the Goon Punch. In case you weren’t sure what you do with it, you drink it.

If I remember correctly, that little beauty contains 80 litres of the cheapest wine you can find, 2 litres of the cheapest vodka and 2 litres of the sweetest orange fizzy drink known to mankind. I said to lloyd, what was that cement tub used for before this? And he said – I don’t know, we found it here, but we cleaned it thoroughly with Exit Mould. Hmmm, well I guess that explains the bubbles I saw on the top. Then I said – why don’t you take the ice out of the bag? And he said – because people try to scoop it out (god forbid!).

Here’s Merrin having a scoop or three.

Here is Lloyd with two of his friends. We don’t know their names but to us they will always be known as The Girl Who Eats a Lot and The Girl with Awesome Shoes.

Honestly you have not seen anyone put away party pies like that little blonde girl can. Actually about fifteen years ago at Lizzie’s birthday party one of her friends put in a solid effort at the party food table and we still call her The Pie Girl.

We’re hoping that The Girl with the Awesome Shoes took them off before standing in the kiddie pool. Because mothers in their forties worry about things like that, whereas teenage girls who have had a few plastic cups of goon punch do not.

Aww, this is a nice one. This is Lloyd and his friend Nick. They’ve been friends since they were 12 and they love each other. Actually they live together, with the girl in the pool in the black dress. Thats Nick’s girlfriend. And in the background you can see Mathew smiling. He’s been friends with them since then as well.He’s had cancer since he was 12 and it’s all been a terrible battle and he ended up having to have his arm amputated but his father modified Guitar Hero so he can play it with his feet and according to Lloyd – he is awesome. According to me he drinks a lot of milk. Whenever he came to our house he drank litres of milk. Oh, and thats Cath looking all sentimental. She was Lloyds preschool teacher and we became friends and now she’s like family.

Now this one is interesting. Here we have Lloyd and Nick  and the two girls there that you can see were their girlfriends all through highschool. Like I mean for all of high school. Years and years.

Nick went out with Lauren there in the cute blue pantsuit and Lloyd went out with the blonde Clare. And they are all still great friends and even though we all hope that one day Clare and Lloyd will realise they are meant to be together and just get together, I don’t think it will happen.  It’s always very strange to see these young people, you have known since they were tweens, as adults. Lauren has just finished her teaching degree at university. It does my head in to think that soon she will be Miss Jackson.

Oh this one makes me laugh. Here’s Clare again. As you can tell, she’s studying diet and nutrition. You can tell that by the look on her face. No matter how appealing and jaunty Cath tries to make those cocktail frankfurts look as she hands then around you can just see Clare thinking – do you guys have any idea whats in those things?!

But we knew our place. Basically we turned up early, cooked food, served food, cleaned up food, then got out of there and let the young’uns start the party.

oh well c’est la vie

OH, lol, please excuse my enormous bony hands. Just be warned that if I do punch you it probably will hurt as I really do have massive knuckles.


29 thoughts on “it’s all about Lloyd

  1. Sure, you have too much big hands ! …
    I’ve tears in my silly eyes … You mix tragedy and happyness with the same beautiful and simple words … My heart aches … There is such a love for your son and such a tenderness for his old friends … Old friends … Is it true ? … Hell, is he the baby you had ? … Yes, yes, yes ! … Humm … Please, may we have another cup of this bloody punch … to forget that Time is passing, passing away for us …their parents, in spite of being so happy to have such delicious tall boys ! …

  2. Cool post. Almost like a life line with all those memories.
    And no matter how much someone would have convinced this bucket thing has been cleaned – only over my dead body would I have scooped up something to drink from there. *shudder*

  3. Lloyd is a cutie!

    Man, my very first thought was, what kind of terrible poison is in that dirty thing? Glad you explained, and I hope the Exit Mould didn’t pack too much of a punch!

      • It was toxic sludge when I was a kid. Today’s version has even fewer pronounceable ingredients in it. It used to start with “Sugar” followed by one or two other kinds of sugar, some random flavoring and red food coloring. Now I think it’s seven kinds of chemically separated sugars, followed by SUGAR and red food coloring. I’m pretty sure they don’t even bother with flavoring anymore.

        I was a member of a professional music fraternity for a while (please feel free to laugh – I can hardly believe it myself) and one fundraiser was to provide receptions after recitals including the Famous (Greek letters) Punch – made mostly of Hawaiian Punch powder, lemon-lime soda and a 1/2 gallon brick of rainbow sherbet.

        Goon punch definitely wins.

  4. I burst out laughing when I saw that industrial tub with the ice floating in it. I thought someone was chilling solvent in it, lol! Goon punch sounds like the awful cocktails we used to make in college—cheap vodka mixed with some soft drink or juice that was so sweet it’s a wonder we didn’t all get diabetes in our 20s.

    But it’s marvelous to see your kids and friends as young adults. I sometimes wonder how mine even made it this far, but as they graduate college and take off for the big wide world, it’s hard not to get a little choked up.The little chicks have flown the nest.

    • Yes, well I’m sure it would dissolve something, just hopefully not too many brain cells. Uni/College students eat and drink some terrible things.

      I hadn’t seen all these kids together for a couple of years so it was really nice to catch up with them. They’re a great bunch. It was one of those years at school where all the kids were really friendly and well mannered and intelligent. My daughter was in a year where they were all nasty feral bitches and she has only stayed friends with one girl.

  5. I really had to study that photo of punch to figure out what I was looking at. The description helped. Looks like Lloyd had a wonderful party. Enduring friendships are precious.

    • I know what you mean. When I first saw it I thought it was a huge tub of vomit.

      He has such a nice group of friends and they’ve all stayed friends though school and iniversity.

  6. Our 3 children still have lots of friends that they have known from primary school and it is always odd when they come to visit and they are all adults now, and some with very important jobs and you look at them and think “you used to bring a rubber sheet to sleep over”. It is nice to watch them become the people they become.

    • It’s very strange. Especially with the ones who hae become teachers. Lauren was younger than the others so she’s only 20 end she’s going to be out there teaching primary school. She said it feels weird to her as well – being the responsible adult.

  7. Honestly, is it possible to drink that? haha! Looks funny! 🙂 I think it’s fun tha your son sends you pictures, I never show pictures I take for my parents lol! and I never I don’t have that much to worry about.. haha! maybe I should, maybe they want to see what I’m doing haha!

  8. Good lord Cat, you’ve churned out some attractive children. Congratulations on the 21st Lloyd!

    I don’t think I’d be drinking the Exit Mould Punch either. I’ll stick with pre-mix.

  9. I’m both nostalgic and verklempt for the kids being all grown up (and the memories of terrible punch I had at their age, but not in such containers) and being a dirty old lady looking at Lloyd. My goodness, he’s a prime hunk of young’un.

    • Oh you smoocher you. I must have been popping the same pills as your mate Larry.

      I left the party before the celebrations really kicked in but Lloyd tells me that it went well and – he doesn’t think the police came around!!

  10. Here in the mountains where I grew up, we had *keggers* (kegs of beer) The parties where held deep in the woods because the police would raid any parties that they would hear about. Our *mixed drink* was mixed in a new plastic garbage can. I remember seeing lots of Vodka and orange juice being dumped into the brew.
    I believe a little bird told me that You celebrated a birthday recently. Happy Birthday Jane! May this be your best year ever!

    • Denise!! you were a wild girl I think.

      And thanks very much for the birthday wishes. No keggers that day. You wouldn’t believe how hot and humid it was.

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