Out of africa

Lloyd tells me that baby tigers are only cute and cuddly until dinner arrives, then they turn into the savage wild little beasts that they really are. He tells me that he didn’t get to ride an ostrich because he weighed to much, that giraffes look much better in the wild than in enclosures and that the jail cell on Robben Island where Nelson Mandela spent many years was extremely small. He tells me that when you go underwater in a cage to look at sharks they’re not really trying to eat you when they bump into the side of the cage, they just can’t see where they’re going and that when you feed an elephant in South Africa you drop it straight down his trunk, unlike in Thailand, where you pass it to them nicely and they shove it in their mouth themselves. I haven’t had a good talk to him yet as he was only home for a couple of days before he had to go to Sydney for a week to study frogs for University. But I do have his photo’s. I wanna go to South Africa!! And I wanna a baby tiger.

I have to say that when he said he’d been cuddling baby tigers and lions I was expecting something much smaller. He does have some scars on his hands from the rough play.

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18 thoughts on “Out of africa

    • I love how domestic cats are so much like the big cats. Their attitudes and mannerisms. I really miss the cats I’ve had. A house just isn’t the same without a cat or four.

  1. Amazing, amazing, amazing stuff!! Beautiful photos. I especially like the gull with the waves in the background and the little waving boy in the orange and blue striped shirt.

    • That little boy was so cute but he looked so sad that they were driving away from him. And I don’t think I’ve seen a cheekier looking group of little boys than the ones in the other photo’s there. Lloyd said everyone was so friendly there. Friendliest people he’s ever met.

  2. Wouaouh ! … Impressive ! … and what beautiful and sometimes funny pictures ! … I love the walk on the éléphant, behind the driver ! … Too funny ! …

    I wanna go to South Africa too … I wanna watch babies tigers and elephants eating their meal … not from too near ! … : Courageous ? … uuuh … yes, but not crazy ! :))))

  3. The baby tigers are adorable, their claws not so much. Seeing the little guys tear apart that antelope corpse is a reminder of what happens when they grow up and suddenly we look like prey as well.

    I think I’d rather have a nice quiet little tortoise who eats fruits and veggies. Like me! Or a giraffe: but I’d have to build a skyscraper to house one in.

    • Yes, those claws look like they’d give you a nasty infection. The guy who runs the place found that antelope dead on the side of the road one day when they were out doing fence repairs and just brought it back and threw it into the enclosure. Lloyd said they just went mad for it.

      That little tortoise made me laugh. Such a big plate of food for the little guy. He was optimistic about his appetite. I did see another photo with a much bigger tortoise, maybe Mum, heading towards the plate as well but this little one is hardly as big as a slice of apple.

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