There goes Lloyd.


Over the edge of the world’s highest commercial bungee jump. 216 metres high. The reason it’s all murky is because he had to go through mist and clouds. He said when you were standing on the edge all you could see was cloud.

I said to him – Did they seem professional, the people who were running it? It wasn’t dodgy was it. Like that place in Thailand were they didn’t tie the rope to his ankles and he became one of those youtube sensations because he survived. Mind you without his pancreas and a few other bits.

But Lloyd said it was all good and because it’s so high you have to wear a vest and the ankle ropes. I guess so your legs don’t get ripped off.

These guys look very cheeky to me.


You often hope your kids get payback when they have children of their own for all the worry they cause you. But I’m starting to think when Lloyd has a son he’ll probably enjoy baking cupcakes and scrapbooking.


27 thoughts on “Adrenaline

  1. wait… Lloyd lost is pancreas in a previous jumping episode or some stranger did?

    either way – bungee is one of the very very very few items on my DON’T EVER DO THIS list.

    • No, not Lloyd. I think this guy may have been english. It happened in Thailand a few years back. They didn’t attach the rope to his ankles so when he jumped he just fell until he hit the bottom – it must have been into water. It was all on film of course as everything is these days.

      I”ve been parachuting and I like the thought of bungee jumping. So much trust in those ropes though. I always think it’d be either really good or really bad for my back. I like to think good. I can imagine all the vertebra stretching and popping. Either that or ending up really fucked up.

        • It was pretty exciting but I’d like to do it again because you’re just so hyped and nervous and your mind is racing and then it’s over and you don’t even really know what the hell happened. I think if I did it a second time I could slow it all down and appreciate it more.

  2. I don’t know if only seeing clouds would make it a little easier, not being able to see allllllll the way down, or a lot worse, not knowing if there was actually a brick wall 100 feet down.
    But, that’s they type of thing to do when you’re 20, right?

  3. I’ve thought of doing bungee jumping—it looks fun, and like you said, it might be great for my back. But I’m scared my kids will say, “Well, you did it, so why can’t we?”

    But I’d say Lloyd topped and raised the bar a few feet. If I saw one of my kids in a photo like that, they’d have to wheel me out in a stretcher with an oxygen mask strapped to my face. Or maybe I’d just have a heart attack and I’d be beyond worry, lol.

    • Haha – he tells me he has it on film so I can watch the whole thing if I want to. It’s a good shot – all that nothing around him. You must feel like you can do anything after something like that.

  4. I think they need to make it a little more challenging. Like maybe they could toss over a hornet nest or set off fireworks. That would be fun, wouldn’t it?

    I have to admit that bungee jumping is possibly the only thing I wouldn’t try. I don’t think my sinuses could stand any more pressure than I live with daily.

    Can’t wait until I jump out of an airplane some day!

  5. If either of my sons were bungee jumping I wouldn’t want to know until it was over. If I was bungee jumping, I wouldn’t want to know about it until was over…hahahahaha….no way. I’m too big of a chicken.

  6. LOL for everyone with back problems I’d suggest to not bungee jump. The second the rope tightens you are violently pulled back and that is traumatic for a healthy body already. I only did the “being attached to rope and run forward on a jumping castle until limit is reached” – bungee, but was pulled back and had a whiplash and a back that hurt for days after.

    • I’m glad you mentioned that. At a local fair they had a bungee tower that was five stories high: they’d charge you $10 for jumping off of it. Then a couple of years ago a young woman jumped, then realized her top was flying open. She tried to pull the top back up (down?), but she hit the end of the bungee and bounced and hurt herself quite badly. I guess I’d wear a tight shirt or forget about being modest, not that there’s that much to show, lol.

      • Probably the same effect. When you are are pulled/shaken without having the control in which direction, and the body can’t follow. Our poor neck has to carry and balance quite a bit of weight after all 😛

    • Ha, I’m getting used to hearing about and seeing all the various activities he gets involved in so it wasn’t too bad. More of a wow because it’s something I would like to do myself. Not from the worlds highest mind you.

  7. Ack! No way!! I hate heights so there’s no way I’m going to hurl myself off into an abyss voluntarily. And not being able to see where I’m falling makes it even worse.

    Does he get this daredevil side from someone in the family or has it been learned over time?

    • He’s definitely the action figure of the family. I’d like to bungee but I’m not 100% convinced yet. I have been sky diving and that was pretty exhilarating. He is more like me though, both pretty healthy. like sport etc.

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