first day of school

Today was my first day of school. I found my lecture room and met my classmates. And aren’t we a strange little group. In fact you’d probably be hard pressed to find a stranger group than my little pod of fellow wannabe librarians. There are more men than I was expecting. Three men in their forties and three in their very early twenties. The three younger ones are real nerds. Real proper ones. Two of them seem to have formed an attachment to me. I’m not sure why because I hardly understand a word they say. Too much geek talk. I had lunch with a woman called Lou. She is very short, not even up to my shoulder. I felt like an amazon, which is rare for me. I’ve now met three people who are shorter than me. My daughter was with me when I met the first one. After the woman left Kimba turned to me in amazement and said – I didn’t think there was anyone in the world shorter than you!! And now look, another two. Who knows how many are out there.

There is an older woman with a broken hand, a very timid blonde girl who got lost on her way, a very loud happy man/boy called Darrell and a younger woman who I sat next to and found slightly scary. The first thing she said to me was – have you got any pets? Just like that. We were sitting there and she turned to me and said – have you got any pets? Then there is an indian girl and the teacher can’t understand a word she says and it just becomes awkward after a while. Good lord I don’t want to think about how many times the poor girl said the word faxing before the teacher worked it out. Then there are a few quiet timid little girls up the back and I really have no idea what they’re even doing there.Β  They don’t talk to anyone, they can’t even make eye contact with anyone and I can’t imagine them being involved in an area of work that requires you to interact with people all day. But who knows, maybe they’ll hit their straps down the track. There must be a few others but I can’t remember them at all. Which is probably even worse than being remembered as a mouse.

But the time passed pretty quickly which was good but it was still a massive day. Actually it was a bit boring this afternoon because we have to get through the fifteen hours of OH & S (occupational health and safety) first. And thats really just common sense but it’s part of just about every course you do these days. So I was there from 9am until 3.30 pm then I had to come home and finish up an order of tiles and take them to the post office, go and do the grocery shopping then go to work and do the invoicing for the month then come home and cook dinner.

But I have my student card!! That means I get half fare public transport and cheap drinks in town on Wednesday nights. Whooooo.



24 thoughts on “first day of school

  1. “But I have my student card!! That means I get half fare public transport and cheap drinks in town on Wednesday nights. Whooooo.”

    Then it’s already worth doing it, Jane.

    • Hmm, interesting question. If I had to guess I’d say the indian girl might. I’m going to have to find out her name so I don’t have to keep calling her that.

  2. The fact that you found the lecture room means you did better than I did for most of my first week of school! That student card is such a bonus.

    • Must admit that on the holidays I went and had a look so I knew where it was before the day. Luckily I only have two lecture rooms. And the library.

  3. Re those shy girls who hide in the back: shy people often go into library work because they think they can hide behind books all day. When they finally get a job in the profession, it’s a shock, because about half your work is essentially customer service. When I volunteer at the library, I can always spot these people because they’re often the rudest librarians behind the desk, totally without social graces. I always tsk tsk at them, but honestly, the library schools ought to sort those type out quickly.

    That said, I think you’d make a great librarian.

    • These girls are way beyond shy. Lol, one seems to be shy and surly. I tried to talk to her once but won’t bother again. Maybe their mothers forced them into the course.

  4. and there are lots of websites which sell student copies of software (and even computers) at about 1/10th retail. Still the same full version of software, just a billion times less expensive!

    dunno about AU sites but one here in the US is (in case that helps you start a search for AU sites)

    • Yes, we have deals like that here as well. I managed to buy a few things while the kids were still at school. $800.00 saving on Photoshop though, thats massive.

  5. YAY for surviving day one!

    I spent three very happy years in the cataloging department at my university library and only had to talk to three people and that was only if I actually wanted to do that. So there is plenty of room in the library for people who don’t talk.

    When you’re done, you can be a professional shusher. SSSSHHHH!!! THIS IS A LIBRARY!

    • Seriously, seriously, I need to take photo’s of these girls. They are painfully awkward. But yes, maybe they will be excellent archivists and catalougers.

      Lol, me a susher! That would be an epic fail. I found out today that one of the libraries here have three zones each one with a different sound level allowed. I was wondering what happens if you stand with one foot in two zones.

  6. How incredibly interesting. I love that you remember so many details about so many people. When I tell my husband about the people I work with he almost always comes up cute nick names for them. I don’t know why, but I think you probably do that too.

    Wow….you had a very long and full day.

    • Funny you should mention that. We give people nicknames all the time. Especially when we’re on family holidays. Everyone gets a name. And even years later one of the kids will say – remember Romeo? or Ricky and Boobsie?

      I think all the days are going to be pretty huge for the next six months. But I do like to keep busy and moving.

  7. Now, I know what you are studying πŸ™‚

    Sounds like fun, I always wanted to be a librarian just so I could read all day. Pity that couldn’t happen.

    Hope it is all going well.

    • I’m doing the assistant course at the moment (cert III) but then hope to go on and do the diploma for the technician title. Just going to see how full time goes for this first six months as I still have to work part time as well. May have to scale down to part time but I think it should be okay. I’m really enjoying it. I’m a little concerned about the cataloguing section of the course though. I have some obsesssive compulsive tendancies and I feel that they are really going to love cataloguing.

      • So much automatic cataloguing these days that you can just download the information and just enter it in. Many council libraries buy from library supplies and they send it already catalogued. Not like the old days when we were all buried under volumes of Dewey!

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