this is how we roll

This is the set up when I step out with Chicken Little.

Poo bag in one set of laces and front door key in the other. Phone gets tucked down the side of my bra.

She’s only done two poos while we’ve been walking and I must admit that I didn’t ‘t pick either of them up. Only because she did them in amongst all this bracken and I figured no one was going to be walking around there and because there wasn’t a bin in sight to put it in and because actually I was kind of in shock about it.  Betty has never ever pooed on her daily walk in the eleven years she’s been going for a daily walk. One day I set off and realised I didn’t have a poo bag but we were going on the main streets and I figured Chicken would do one for sure just to humiliate me. But I saw an empty Mrs Mac’s pie bag on the side of the road so I tucked that into my shoe. Reluctantly. And of course she didn’t go anyway.


27 thoughts on “this is how we roll

        • Lol, what’s my default picture? Is it the little face? If so it was a photo of a mannequin that I made look a little sketchy. I called her Manufactured Melancholy because people were all being big drama queen actors. However maybe you mean the green background picture. That was a photo I took.

          Chicken Little says she wants to go and live with you.

  1. Elvis always poos on his walks, I used to take him on really long walks when we were both younger and sometimes he’d poop like 3 times and the third was always after I’d chucked the bag thinking he was done. So, yeah, I’ve resorted to picking up plastic bags or newspaper or anything I can find to pick it up with. Little stinkers they all are!
    Now though, we’re just walking in the residential areas and there aren’t any trash cans anyway so I carry it with me the whole time. One time at my last apartment I was walking with a bag, and some little boys, maybe like 12 or 13 saw me and the one kid goes, “Is there poo in that bag?” like he was kind of horrified. I said yup, and was thinking, if I didn’t pick it up you’d be a hell of a lot more horrified if you tracked it home on your sneakers, bub!

    • Lol, he must really save them up.I guess it saves you picking them up from the yard though. Betty has particular areas in the yard where she likes to do her business.

      Chicken and I go through this nice park and they have these little poo bag holders about the place so you can grab a bag if you need to but there’s not a bloody bin in sight so then you have to carry it around with you for the rest of the walk.

      I must confess that the last time I didn’t pick one up was because I was secretly hoping these annoying little boys would tread in it. They were on scooters and they kept whizzing past us really close and scaring Chicken and we were walking faster but they kept annoying us. And the parents were there and they didn’t say anything so I thought – RIGHT! So when Chicken did her business we ran away and hoped the little bastards would step in it.

  2. I like the idea of the multipurpose shoes lol Though knowing myself I would walk around outside a) thinking I am missing something b) constantly checking my feet – worried I might lose my key.

  3. The plastic bag in the shoe is genius. I used to stick one in my jeans pocket when we had our little dog, but in the summer when it got too hot for jeans, I would tie the bag to the leash, which sometimes got annoying on a breezy day.

    The phone though—I hate stuffing things in my bra because, as you said, they get sweaty, and they don’t stay put since I’m, um, small up front. I once tried carrying my keys in my bra, but they slid out and fell into my pants. Of course a man had to walk by as I was fumbling around inside of my shorts, looking for my keys. He sped up as he passed me, but I noticed his eyes were focused right on my shorts. Argh.

    • I tucked a bag into Chickens collar the first time but I found it really annoying so I though she must have as well. I’ve seen these collar and lead sets that have little cylindrical things like a pencil case attached to carry the bags in but the shoe will do for now.

      lol they keys – my keys are massive they’d never fit in my bra or pants.

  4. Oh, silly Chicken. She’s waiting until you’re in front of a nice café with outdoor seating and people having lunch.

    Jally would die for a daily walk. She would also die of embarrassment if she ever pooped while on a walk, as would I because I never have a bag. Because we never go on walks.

    My poor dog…

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