Remember this?

out with the old

Well now it looks like this.

in with the new

Those are some of papa’s photo’s on the wall. I had a lot framed but seeing as how this is a small room I only put up the portraits.

If there was an air conditioner in there I’d be pretty happy with it for the moment. Because I spend a fair bit of time in there with it being my office, as well as having a tv and playstation and the worlds most uncomfortable sofa lounge. I have to say in its defence though that it is very comfortable as a lounge and it’s not bad at all when you need a quick lie down for 15 minutes after lunch.  But because its been over 100 degrees here for the past week it is a bit of a sweatbox. One more day they say then a cool change is on the way.

The girls are never too far away. It’s the only room in the house with carpet.


14 thoughts on “progress

    • Well, it’s sort of in between. More orange. Hard to tell by the photo because the flash blew it out a bit. The colour was called Roast Capsicum. Not that you can really tell the colour of paint these days by the name of it. So many out there, some with ridiculous names.

  1. Wow, what an improvement. And hanging Papa’s pics would make an improvement on any room. Love the dogs chillin in front of the fan! I can’t imagine heat like that right now. I’d like a couple days of it.

  2. Are you and Daz planning to put AC in the house soon? My god, I can’t work when it’s that hot. (And that flame-colored wall looks great but it would make me feel even more hot, lol.) Just looking at the dogs makes me want to shed my sweater.

    • I hope so. You would think, considering we run our own airconditioning business, that we would have it. But isn’t that always the way. Tradesmen never do things to their own houses. Especially this time of year for a fridgie, busiest time of the year for them. Although I bet if he had to sit in here all day it’d be done a lot sooner.

    • Yes I’m glad I did the trim because I considered slacking it and not doing it. But then I thought it’d just be too much not quite white, or whatever the colour was called. But it looks nice with the blind.

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