I went shopping the other day and saw this headband and I thought, really?? Would you really get much wear out of that?

One thing I did buy is this little table that I love.

Love, love this little table. I bought it at an antique shop down the road. It has a matching mirror that came with it.

And this lamp is on my wishlist. It will probably stay there because it had a price tag of $700. Oh but it looked beautiful. My photo does not do it justice.

Maybe they’ll have a sale one day.

10 thoughts on “shopping

  1. I was thinking you might be able to wear that headband for Mardi Gras, Carnival, whatever they call that day before Lent. Then you could wait until Halloween and wear it as part of a bird costume. Though heaven knows what kind of bird.

    It also reminds me of some music video from the ’80s, though darned if I can remember which one. Adam and the Ants? Bow Wow Wow?

    • This was for sale at umm, one of those generic clothing stores, Sportsgirl or Portmans (not sure if you have them) but you know them. They’re all in the same mall and they all have the same crap. Didn’t look at how much it was, way too much no doubt.

      Adam Ant!! Blast from the past. Yeah, he did the feathers.

  2. LOOOL@ the head band.
    It’s almost like these straw “cowboy” hats that are a normal site in the US, and of which I bought one to have on my head while on the beach for better reading (or avoiding a heat stroke) – but which I would never wear here in NOR.

    That chest of drawer is really nice. Can’t wait to see a picture together with the mirror 🙂

    • My best friend has just split up with her husband of twenty years. We were all best friends for that time. But now she has a new boyfriend. And the day we were due to meet the new boyfriend was the day I saw this headband. Oh I can’t tell you how tempted I was to buy it and wear it for our first meet and greet. Just wear it as if I wore it every day. My daugher used to wear this huge pink pointed tulle headband every day just as if it was a baseball cap.

      The chest of drawers – love it!!

    • Yes, she is in the snow. I haven’t heard from her for a couple of days but I’m sure she’s ok. She’s in a snow storm and I’m here in a heat wave.

  3. I adore the table too. Superb! I think the headband is the perfect head gear to wear grocery shopping, I mean it makes a real statement, and if one wore that I am sure it would clear the aisles ahead of one!

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