old dog, new tricks

Did I mention that I was going back to school? Well I’m going back to school this year. Full time. Which is really going to cut in on my new hobby of riding my bike to antique shops and the beach every day.

I decided last year that I should go back and study something. Mainly because I’m sick of doing office work. And lasy year I did an accounting software course and the business certificate III course and they were both really boring as bat shit.  Which is not only apparently boring but very sticky. And I thought that if I had to go back and do the office word and excel courses I’d probably have to kill myself first. And I figured I’d have to do the word course because while I was doing the business course I can’t even remember the amount of times I yelled out to Lizzie – HOW DO I PUT A BULLET IN A DOCUMENT AGAIN.

So I thought to myself, what do I like doing. Really love doing. And it was reading. Always has been. So I’m going off to do the librarians certificate and then hopefully diploma at TAFE. I don’t know what you call TAFE overseas. Maybe a community college or something. It’s where you go to learn a trade or do an apprenticeship. So hairdressers, beauticians, electricians, chefs, all sorts of technology, computer and business things, you can do aged care or animal care or you can become a mechanic or a cake decorator or a librarian.

I must admit that after a cake boss and ace of cakes marathon I did have a moment when I thought that I should have chosen cake decorating.

But anyway I’m doing it full time so I can get it over with in six months. Part time can drag on for two years. So thats monday to thursday (inclusive) 9.30 am – 4pm. Then if I love it I’m going on to do the diploma which will take another six months. It’s going to be a busy time because I still have to work part time and I’m still considering the tiles and if I’ll be able to keep up with making them or if I’ll take a break from them. Although I did just accept an order from the Taree Art Gallery.

And the certificate I’m doing is museum and library information services and I’m thinking now that I might really like to use it to work in an art gallery or museum rather than a library. Who knows, maybe I’ll just do the course then go back to riding my bike to the beach.

I start next tuesday.

I hope there are still some brain cells bouncing about up there.


31 thoughts on “old dog, new tricks

  1. I am sooo proud of You! Enjoy every moment of it. I am not worried about your brain cells functioning. Anyone who writes an entertaining blog like you, has to be quick witted and brainy.

    • Thanks. Yes, I still have three day weekends to do all the bike riding and beaching. And we only have one month of summer left anyway, which means the hot weather will be heading your way soon.

      • I could do with some spring weather. We didn’t get all the snow and ice that was originally expected, but it’s supposed to be 3 degrees tomorrow with high winds. Oh, my!

  2. Ah! What you’re studying is akin to what my daughter has been doing for several years: working in museum archives, sorting, cataloging, and filing. She worked for a year at the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland (!), and one of her jobs was sorting through the boxes of junk that people would donate to the museum. She said it was strange: one day she had boxes of stuff from a radio DJ in Chicago, and she found tons of vintage records, many of them signed by the artists, very valuable. Then there was the box of stuff from this one hippie hoarder. Inside was a pair of socks, which the donor claimed belonged to Elvis Presley. Short of doing a DNA test on the socks, there was no way of proving they belonged to Elvis: so my daughter put them in another box, this one headed for Goodwill. She said this box got full very quickly. One person’s rock n’ roll treasure is another person’s Goodwill donation.

    I do wish you success in your field. You sound like you’ll do well in it!

    • Lol, thats the sort of box I’d take home with me. Not sure I’ll be finding anything as interesting as that around here. The only museum I know of is a maritime museum. But an art gallery I think would be interesting. There are a few little quirky ones in the area. Not that I’ve completely given up on the library idea either. And I just want to use my brain in a different way as well.

  3. it’s “vocational school” or “vocational college” over here in the states.

    congrats to you!

    i’ve been thinking that maybe having all the playtime aspects of my life end is so that i’ll go back to school and get a degree. i was looking into training as a court transcriber last year but none of the colleges returned my request for contact – which is strange cause you usually can’t get them to leave you alone.

  4. They didn’t have a certificate for beach biking or antique spotting? Too bad. Glad you found something you love. It’s work, but definitely worth it.

    • If that book I orderd ever turns up, can’t even remember the name of it now but the one where you make things from books, then I could work in a library but gradually turn it into an art gallery.

    • I’m concerned that I won’t have enough clothes. I don’t know how you all get through the school years without wearing a uniform. Always having to find something to wear. I think I’m going to have to wash more often.

  5. Go get ’em, tiger! I admire your full-time gung-ho take-no-prisoners gutsiness. Looks like Dockyard Dame has been a good influence on you!

    I’m pretty sure you can read on the beach so that actually works well with your curricula.

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